Creating in Silhouette Studio with PNG Graphics – part 2

Yesterday, I shared with you how I created a Print & Cut file by tracing a PNG graphic design & cutting the design on Heat Transfer Material.   This post is a follow up on how to use PNG files with transparent backgrounds for Print & Cut designs.   Here I’ve created a Valentines Card using a beautiful design from Design Bundles Watercolor Chic of Spring Bundle.     This design set has 75 PNG files that can be used in Silhouette Studio – but so often people write to me & just don’t know how to use them.    Today’s post shows how you can use these files without even tracing!

These PNG files have a transparent background.  That means you can place them on a file you are creating & you will only see the design – -not the background.  However, they are not cut files themselves.  The item they are on needs to be what cuts out!  So, today I’m going to share how to create a card.

First, since we are going to be printing on an 8.5 x 11 card stock, I set my page up for that size.  I also turned on the Registration marks for Print & Cut by using the keyboard shortcut “M”.

Next, use the Rectangle tool to create the card box (You can use the Keyboard shortcut “r”, if you like to use shortcuts).  I drew mine about 9″ by 6.5″.  This size will fit in a 5×7″ envelope.  (You can size it down later, if need be.)    I realize here that the card box is off of the mat, but I think that is easer to create if you aren’t looking at it sideways!  We will rotate it later.


The next step is to create the Score line, where the card will be folded.   Select the line tool, and while holding down the shift key, draw your line about the height of the card.   Holding down the shift key ensures that you will have a straight line!   Place it approximately in the center of the card.  Select both the card & line – then go to the Align tool on the Quick Access Toolbar & select “center”.  Now, select just the line, and go to the link style tool — select the dashed line to create the fold score for your card.    Now select both the line & the card & Group together.

At this point, you are ready to insert your PNG file.   Bring the design on to your page by going to the top menu bar, select File & from the Dropdown menu, select “Merge”.   This brings your design into your current workspace & keeps it from opening a new window.   Select “Watercolor Chic of Spring _26”.     You will  see that it comes in very large, and has a transparent background.   Size it down (using the handles at the four corners of the design), until it fits within  your card.   You will see that the box around the design extends beyond the card rectangle.  Don’t worry about this, as the transparent background will not print when you print your card.  Just be sure that your design is inside of the card rectangle, and doesn’t go over the score line.


To create your text, select the text tool & type the word “Happy”.   Click in the workspace again and type “Valentines Day”.  Put this on two lines & justify it to the center.   I sized mine down to 60 pts., so it will fit better in the card.  I used the font “Colleen”  from Font Bundles.  Next, with the text select, go  back to the Quick Access Toolbar & select the Color Fill Window & select the eyedropper tool, so that your text color will match the color in the design.  I hovered my cursor over the darker berries in the design & selected those.   Now my text is the same color as the berries.    Once you have done this, and select the next text — you will see the color in the Color fill window & can just select that color.


I also do the same thing with the Line Color tool (right next to the Fill Color tool) — and select the same color.  Otherwise, there is a different color (black) line around your text.  Now, position your text exactly where you want it to be.   (Be sure that it is inside of the Card rectangle & not outside — like my picture!  Ahhh!)   Select All & Group — now open the Transform panel & Select Rotate.  Rotate your design 90 degrees.   Be sure the card design first with the print and cut borders on your page.  Size it all down if you need to.   Again, don’t worry that the transparent box will be outside of your page.


That’s it!  Your card is ready to print!  Simply click on the Print icon in the toolbar.   Once it is printed, you can load the cardstock on your mat & cut!

This type of PNG file can be used to print just about anything!  Tags, stickers, invitations, & so much more!  Just use your imagination!  I love this design bundle & will make some cute Easter things too — with these bunnies!  

Hope you find this helpful & get busy creating with all of the cute graphics out there!

Until next time — Terri

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