Cutting Fabric with HTV Offset and FREE Exclusive Awareness Ribbon Design

I have posted several tutorials on cutting fabric for machine embroidery appliqué.  However, I realize that many of you don’t sew (or don’t want to!), so today I am going to share a “no-sew” fabric project with you!  Our friends at “Kut That Out” have shared a FREE design just for Terri Johnson Creates followers — and I am going to use that design for today’s project!  While their design does not have the offset for the HTV — I am going to show you how you can create this added feature!

I’m finishing up my treatment for breast cancer, so when Kaycee at Kut That Out suggested this awareness ribbon design — I thought it was the perfect fit!  While I will be showing this in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, there are many other causes that are represented by different colors.  I did a little research & found this chart from Fire Mountain Gems (of all places) that lists an easy guide that will help you find the ribbon colors for many other causes!

In order to make it easier for you to follow, I’ve created this video to show you how I created the vinyl offset in Silhouette Studio.

HTV Fabric Offset from Terri Johnson on Vimeo.

Now that your file is all ready to cut, you need to prepare your fabric!  I used “Terial Magic” to stabilize my fabric, & then fused Heat n Bond Ultra to the back of the fabric (because this is a no-sew project).  Learn more about how to do this on a previous blog post.    So, once you cut your fabric and HTV, its time to put them together on your project!  PLEASE NOTE:  After I completed this video, I decided that .05 was not wide enough for the offset settings.  So, I increased mine to .07 or possibly .08 — depending on how wide you want the HTV to be.

Now, carefully position your fabric pieces (as these come apart when cut), using the HTV offset to line them up.  Then, carefully lift up the HTV and lightly press the fabric in place.  I used my iron for this, as it ws easier to control & you only need a couple seconds to secure the fabric with the Heat n Bond.

Now carefully reposition the HTV, being sure that all of the raw edges of the fabric are covered.  Press and place the remaining HTV pies in place – -then press!  That’s it!  You are done!

And of course, this design works great with HTV alone!  Here I’ve used the Breast Cancer awareness pattern from Sparkleberry Ink!

They have so many awesome patterns that are perfect for your designs!  Be sure to check them out!!  You are sure to find just the pattern you need for your “Awareness” campaign!!

Now, you can create Fabric/HTV appliqués without sewing a stitch!   Download this Exclusive Awareness Ribbon Design now & get to creating the ribbon of your choice!  Thanks to for providing this awesome design!  Be sure to check out all of their other designs!

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