Don’t Miss out On Silhouette Subscription Sale!

Save 20% on any Silhouette Online Store subscription

 This morning I received the email below — and I wanted to pass it on to everyone!  If you don’t already have a subscriptionto the Silhouette Online Store — now is the time!   There are 3 levels of subscription & you can choose the one that works best for you.  I have the middle level — so on sale, that is only $11.99/month.  For that, you receive $50 of credit each month in the online store!!  Its awesome!  Just remember that these credits expire after 60 days — so be sure to download your designs within that time!   Perfect Mother’s Day gift!   Happy Shopping — Terri

Silhouette Online Store subscription sale Silhouette Online Store subscriptions are a great way to save money on digital designs for your Silhouette electronic cutting tool and can provide a significant savings over the pay-as-you-go service for those who download frequently. To make those savings even sweeter, you can save 20% on the price of any subscription by using promo code “SURPRISE” when you sign up for your subscription through May 14th.

Signing up couldn’t be easier. Simply choose the plan that fits you best (based on the number of monthly downloads you’d like), pay a low monthly price, and download your shapes.
With a subscription, you get shapes for a fraction of their normal cost. For example, a Basic subscription purchased using the “SURPRISE” promo code is just $8/month and gives you $25/month worth of download credits to spend at the Silhouette Online Store*. That’s a 68% savings. The value of a Deluxe or Premium subscription is even more impressive. Subscription credits are good toward clearance designs and during sales too, so the savings can really add up.

Want to surprise someone with a Silhouette Online Store subscription? How about a subscription gift card? They’re also on sale when you use promo code “SURPRISE” during checkout. A subscription to the Silhouette Online Store makes a great gift and is perfect for any Silhouette enthusiast.

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  1. Thanks for posting this information! I was still able to use the coupon code today to renew my subscription. Woo hoo!