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I don’t know about you — but I love fonts!!  I think that a particular font can make all of the difference in how my project looks.  I think that they can convey what I’m trying to say — sometimes even better than the words!   So, I tend to “collect” them!!

For those of you who own Silhouette Studio — any True Type Font that is installed on your computer can be used in Silhouette Studio.  When you open your software & create text with the fonts — its already a cut file!!  No need to trace at all!  So, I tend to download a lot of fonts!  Both free & ones that I’ve purchased.  (A great place for FREE fonts is

So, due to the fact that I have a huge amount of fonts on my computer (and in my Silhouette software) — sometimes I find it hard to find just the one I want to use.  I tend to have a few “go-to” fonts and forget about all of the beautiful ones that I’ve downloaded.  Until NOW!!

This past week, I discovered a very cool, FREE Font Manager — NexusFont!  This program allows you to type in your words at the top, and then scroll through your fonts to see what those words will look like!  You can even adjust the size!  I love it!!   So, just go to this website – CNET

Select "Direct Download"

Select “Direct Download”

   to download the NexusFont Manager.    Now, unless you want to download the entire CNET Installer, you don’t want to click on the big green button — but the “Direct Download Link”.  Here is a picture of what you want to use highlighted in yellow.  I know its a tiny picture, but at least you can see where the link is located.

So I made a quick video on YouTube, so you can see how this works!  Click HERE to watch it!   (You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel — so you know when I’ve posted new videos!)   I hope you love this as much as I do!!  Let me know if you have any questions — Terri

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  1. This is perfect! Love this idea!!!

  2. Great suggestion and works great!! Thank you

  3. Thanks for the tip! Love it!

  4. Linda Wenzel says


    I am in Atlanta waiting for my flight
    to the United States of Texas!! Yea!

    I love your blog and I cherish the
    time that I got to spend with you
    and everyone at the conference.
    Everyone was warm and welcoming.
    teachers were excellent. Just the
    type of training I was “starving”

    Silhouette Cameo has definitely
    peaked my interest!

    Safe travels and hope to see you
    sooner than later. God’s Blessing’s
    always. Linda Wenzel

    • Linda, hope you’ve arrived home safe and sound! It really was wonderful to meet you at this retreat as well! I really enjoyed getting to know you a little. And I’m super motivated to get home and work with my software. You would love a Silhouette Cameo! Let me know if you have any questions, or want to get one. I include my set up tutorial CDs free with the purchase of a Cameo! Or I’d love to have you join us at one of the retreats. God Bless, Terri

  5. Thank you for this font tool! I do a lot of custom embroidery work and even though my software shows the fonts, this is much better!! THANK YOU so much!!