Addressing Envelopes with Silhouette Sketch Pens

Silhouette Sketch Pen Envelope & Card

Well, its officially last minute — with only 6 days left until Christmas!   And I haven’t sent out my Christmas cards yet! However, I actually did get pictures of our entire family when we were together at Thanksgiving, managed to order the cards in a timely manner — and they just arrived!  So, I started to address them by hand today -(my handwriting isn’t too bad — I used to get A’s in grade school when penmanship was graded!) — but it takes soooooooo long — and I get bored!

So I decided that it couldn’t take too long to do this with my Cameo and my sparkly Silhouette Sketch Pens!  And it doesn’t!  It is soooo fast & actually fun!  So — here’s a quick tutorial!

First, I open the Page Tools Window & size my workspace to the same size as my envelope — in this instance, its 5″ high x 7″ wide.

Next, select the Text tool, click in the workspace & type in your return address.  You’ll see a green box around the text — click on it so that you have the “select” boxes around the text.  At this point, you can size it — I used 24 pt.   You can also change to the font that you would like to use.  The font I used is LD Charming Bold font that I purchased in the Silhouette Store.   I like this one, because when you use the Silhouette Sketch pens, it looks like a single stoke – instead of an outline.

Finally, you can repeat this process & type in the name & address for your recipient!   Only this time, I sized it to 36 pt.    I love it!!   At this point, stick your envelope onto your mat — and I LOVE the new low tack adhesive mat from Silhouette!   This is great, so that the envelope doesn’t stick too much to the mat — and has NO sticky residue on the back when its removed!

Feed your mat into the Cameo & click on “Send to Silhouette”.   Now, your Cut Settings Window will open.

Select the “Silhouette Sketch Pens” – and the settings will automatically adjust for the pens!  You’ll notice the blade setting changes to Sketch Pen!   Just remove the blade from the housing & drop in the Silhouette Sketch Pen in the color of your choice.  I used the black metallic pen — as I’m all about the sparkle!

Now you are ready to ” cut” or write!    Its so easy — and after the first envelope began “sketching” – I deleted the first recipient’s address & began typing in the next one!  So, when the first envelope was finished — the next one was ready to “send to Silhouette”.  I loved it!!  Even my husband came in & commented on how cool it looked!  “Just like Calligraphy!” he said.  (Well, not really — but I’ll take it!  He isn’t often impressed with what I do!)  But it does look professional — and fast!!  Just wish I had the Cameo when I wrote out invitations for my girls weddings!  That would have saved tons of time!

That’s it!  Your done!  Now, stick on your Christmas stamps – get them in the mail — and get to finishing up your gifts or wrapping!  Have fun, Terri

Sketh Pen Envelope





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  1. Super! Thanks so much!

  2. Lynn Berrty says

    Hi Terri! When I went to subscribe, I got the message that the feed did not have subscriptions by email enabled..
    Question for you about the choice of font for sketch pens. Does it have to be a silhouette store font? Can it be one of the fonts installed on your PC?
    THANKS Lynn

    • Hi, Lynn — So sorry you are having trouble with the subscription box. We are having some “technical difficulties” – -and I have the web specialists working on it. I’ll post again when its all straightened out. Thanks for trying.

      About the fonts. No, it doesn’t have to be a Silhouette font — but any font that is installed on your computer & shows up in your software will work. I just like the one I used because its a thin, handwritten-looking font. Experiment with your fonts & have fun!

  3. Well, when you put it this way, it’s so simple! I love it! If we were mailing out our Christmas letter this year, I’d definitely be doing some envelope sketching…but we’re cheating and going the email route. 😉 Still, storing this tute in the back of my head for sometime down the line! Thanks, Terri!

    • Thanks, Lauren — it is easy! Of course, email is easy too — but you may have a need for this in the future! Invitations for a party, whatever! Merry Christmas! Terri

  4. Terri, this is a wonderful tutorial, thank you. I am printing it off and keeping for next year. I have a 3 ring binder that I keep tutorials I want to remember in.

    Merry Christmas,

  5. Terri,
    Thanks for the tutorial for addressing envelopes using the sketch pens. Had to try it!

    Also loved your tutorial on the gift tags. It inspired me to make some. I used a “Merry Christmas print and cut” file from Silhouette. Added a hole to make them into tags. Arranged several to fit on shiny 8.5 x 11 card stock. Grouped them and added printable registration marks. Saved the file as “front tags”. Printed the file. Then I mirror imaged the file. Removed the “merry Christmas” leaving just the cut edge. Added text for “to and from”. Put the printed card stock back in the printer. Printed the back side. Everything lined up perfectly. Then reloaded the “front tags” into Silhouette software and cut the tags out.

    Thanks for your inspiration

  6. Thank you so much! I tried to do this once before and did so by lining up. It was such a pain! I am doing the cards now and it’s super easy! I really appreciate the knowledge you have passed on. Going to check out your other tutorials. 🙂

    • Great! So glad you liked it — it is so fast & easy! And really looks impressive! Be sure to subscribe to the blog, so you will receive notification of future posts! Merry Christmas!

  7. Terri, This is a great idea with two wedding showers in the next few months perfect timing.

    • Awesome, Karen — It will be perfect for addressing shower invitations! I wish I had this when my two daughters got married! Not only the invites, but showers, Save the Date, rehearsal dinner, etc! It will save sooooo much time & looks great too! Have fun!

  8. This is amazing! I love it! thank you for sharing I am totally using this for next year!!!

  9. Bianca Outlaw says

    Thank you so much for your tutorials. I love them. Cannot wait to see you again!!

  10. Hi Terri,
    Technical question, but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere! Once I have purchased a font from the silhouette store and downloaded it, how do I get it to show up in my list of fonts? I just got three new fonts to sketch with and their names show up in my “fonts” library tab, but not in my list of fonts to select from when I am typing. Thanks!

    • Kerrie — This can be a little tricky — but the fonts should all show up for you in the list of fonts in Studio – after they have downloaded.
      Fonts are different from other designs you purchase and do not appear in My Library. Rather, you will find access to all of your fonts by using the Text tool in the Silhouette software and choosing your new font from the drop-down selection box in that dialog box.

      So, click on your text tool – -and Text Page will open. You should be able to access your fonts from there! Hope this helps! Terri

  11. Help! I am trying to do envelopes for my daughters wedding. When I print using the sketch pens, my letters come out printed with just the outline of the letter. I tried filling the letters in but they still came out blank in the middle of each letter. Maybe I was doing something wrong. How do I get the letters to be all full color letters. Thanks, Pam

    • Pam — When you use sketch pens in the Cameo – -it is only going to sketch where the cut lines (red) are. The only way that I know of to fill in the letters is to do a tiny Internal Offset a number of times, so that the multiple passes will fill it in. It also helps to use a thicker pen and a thinner font! Hope this helps – -Terri