Silhouette Print & Cut Gift Tags – part 1


Silhouette Print & Cut Gift Tag

Silhouette Print & Cut Gift Tag

Recently I was asked to participate in a Bake Sale for our MOPS group!  Now, at my age, I’m certainly not a “MOPS Mom” (Mother of Preschoolers) — but I’m a Mentor Mom & I love it!    Love being around these amazing young women & their babies!  So, baking & working in the kitchen are not where I shine — but I did manage to make these little Pecan Rolo Turtles!   I mean, you just line up square pretzels on a cookie sheet, melt a Rolo candy & then press a pecan into it!   (I actually pinned these!)  So, I decided that it I didn’t have the fanciest treats, I’d at least have a cute package! This cute little penguin is from the Silhouette Store — Just search for Arctic Penguin & he will pop up!   He’s the design that I wanted to use & you might notice that he’s not a Print & Cut file– but I’ll show you how to turn him into one!  There are several steps — so I thought a couple videos might be better.  Today’s Video will share how you turn a regular Silhouette File into a Print & Cut – and then tomorrow, I’ll show you how to make the tag!

Now you have an image that you can use to create your gift tag — and I’ll share tomorrow how to actually make your tag!   So now, you can start “baking” your Rolo Pecan Turtles — so they will be all ready to bag up! Hugs — Terri

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  1. Janet Van Rossen says

    I am very new to the Silhouette and have enjoyed watching these videos. I am beginning to see the light beyond the fog! For a non techno, I am finding the learning curve quite steep but instructional videos like these are pure gold. Thank you very much.