Print & Cut with March Silhouette Promotion

multiple tagsI think I’d have to say that Print & Cut is my favorite feature in the Silhouette Studio Software!  I mean, I just LOVE it!- -and there are so many possibilities of what you can do!   Take ANY image, bring it into your Studio Software & Cut!

 Recently, I made some little Tags for a Christmas Bake Sale last year – -and today I want to share with you a tutorial for a gift tag – -using the Pattern Fill feature, too!    After the tutorial, be sure to scroll down & view the tremendous savings being offered from March 20 through 31st — On Silhouette Cameo, Portrait & All Specialty Media products!


OK — So now — On to the Tutorial!!   

When you first open Studio, the default page setting is 12×12 workspace, but we are going to choose “Letter” size, as this is the paper we are going to be printing & cutting.  (If you have a wide format printer, you can always print on larger paper).

We are going to be using the Grid for this project, so you will need to open your Grid Settings widow (last icon on the top right!).   Now, if you haven’t already done so, the grid needs to be set up.  Since I’m metrically challenged, I set mine up in inches.    (If you aren’t already in inches, open the Preferences window, select Measurements  – > and then Inches.)

Screenshot 2014-03-15 14.33.49

 Now, in the Grid settings window — Select 1.00 inch for Spacing; Divisions – 4; and click on Show Grid and Snap to Grid!   On the bottom, you can select what ever color you want your grid to be!  (mine’s blue!)    Now your grid will be set up with dark lines of 1 inch, and light lines for 1/2″ and 1/4″!  Perfect!

Screenshot 2014-03-15 14.53.15

To  begin making your tag — Select the polygon tool on the left hand side of the screen.     (Its the top one that looks like an hour glass!)

Screenshot 2014-03-15 14.57.47

Begin by clicking on your screen — the line will attach itself to the grid — Now drag your cursor down 3 inches  (that’s easy to tell, because your GRID is marked in 1 inch increments).    Click — drag over 2 inches, click — then back up the right side & finish off the top of the tag.   Each time, the line will “Snap” to the grid – -because that is what you’ve selected.   When you’re finished, your tag should look like this!  

Screenshot 2014-03-15 15.03.38

To add the circle for the tag — Select the circle tool (on the left side), and while holding down the shift key – draw a little circle.  (If you don’t hold down the sift key, you will get an oval.  Holding the shift key gives you a perfect circle.)   Size it and place it on your tag.  If you are satisfied with it – -go ahead & turn off the “Snap to Grid” and “Show Grid” — so you are back to a plain white page.

Screenshot 2014-03-15 15.08.00

Next, comes the really fun part!!   I want to fill my tag with a pattern – that will print out.  Patterns can be purchased in the Silhouette Store — and now is a great time to stock up — since all designs are 50% OFF through March 27!!!    Once you have purchased these patterns you can find them by going  to your Silhouette Library & click on “My Patterns”.  All the patterns that you’ve purchased will show up there!  (You can import other digital files to use for this — but that’s for another day).  

Screenshot 2014-03-15 15.38.37

There are also some patterns that come loaded in your Silhouette Software!   You will see those soon!

To fill your tag (or any pattern) with a pattern for Print & Cut – -simply go to the Pattern Fill window!  (Its the one with the blue dots!)

Screenshot 2014-03-15 15.41.26

When you open that window — all of the patterns you own will appear — both free & purchased.   To fill the tag with a pattern – -simple select the tag & click on the pattern you want to use!!  VOILA!  Its like magic – and your tag is filled!

Screenshot 2014-03-15 15.44.50

Now, this is a cute little tag – -but we’re going to make it even better!    Click on the Line Color tool & with the tag selected — click on the eye dropper tool.   Now, carefully take that eye dropper tool to your tag & select one of the colors in the pattern.  A little box with the selected color will appear.   Now click!  

Screenshot 2014-03-15 16.18.20

The line will turn that color!  Now, this light blue line is difficult to see — so open the Line Style window & increase the “Line Thickness”  — I think mine is about 6.5 — What a difference that makes!

Screenshot 2014-03-15 16.22.03

But “That’s Not All!”  We are going to take this a step further & create an Offset!   Open the offset window (with your tag selected) — and click on “Offset”.  The default is .025 — but that’s too much for this little tag — so I took it down to about .017 (with the corners rounded) — and click apply!!  There’s a double border around the tag — I LOVE IT!!!

Screenshot 2014-03-15 16.27.54

We’re just about ready to Print & Cut — but not quite!    We want only the outside line & the little circle to cut out — NOT the inside blue line.  Open the Cut Style Window – You will see that the circle, the inside blue line & outside blue line are all in dark red.  Select ONLY the inside blue line — and click on NO CUT.    Your workspace should look like this:

Screenshot 2014-03-16 09.53.34

Only the little circle & outside of the tag will cut!   Next, open the Registration Marks Window –  and select “Show Registration Marks”.  They will appear on your screen.  When using Print & Cut – -nothing can be inside of the grey & black registration marks.  So, you can arrange as many tags on the page as will fit — NOT inside those marks.   Be sure you group the tag all together (Ctrl+G or Cmd+G)  and just Duplicate (Ctrl+D or Cmd+D) as many as will fit.  I managed four!

Screenshot 2014-03-16 09.58.38

NOW you are ready to Print – then Cut!!  Send this file to your printer!  Screenshot 2014-03-16 10.13.06 I use an Epson 50 or Epson 1430 – and I love them.  And I’m printing on the Epson Double sided presentation paper — so be sure to select the correct paper in your printer preferences when you send the file to print!  (I added a name to one tag — and matched the color to the tag!)

After printing, lay your card stock on your Silhouette Mat in the Upper left hand corner.  Load to the Cameo – and Send to Silhouette.  Follow the steps as directed by the Studio software. The Cameo will automatically detect the registration marks on the paper!    Be sure to change your blade to Cardstock settings.  Remove the tags from the mat & enjoy!

tag collage

Now –for the Promotion!!


If you have don’t own a Silhouette & have been thinking about it – -this is a great package for Print & Cut!   If you do own a Cameo –then, there’s some great savings for you, as well.   All of the Silhouette specialty media is 30% off!  That is a great savings — and a great time to explore some products to use with Print & Cut!   Just use Promo Code TERRI at check out to receive these savings!  

  • 1 Silhouette CAMEO® plus the following print & cut related items:
  •     -1 package of temporary tattoo paper
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  • -1 package of printable adhesive gold foil
  • -1 package of printable adhesive silver foil
  • -1 package of printable white sticker paper
  •     – 1 package of printable clear sticker paper
  • -1 package of printable adhesive cotton canvas
  • for $269.99 (MSRP $357.92)


  • 1 Silhouette Portrait™ plus the following print & cut related items:
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  • – 1 package of printable adhesive kraft paper
  • -1 package of printable adhesive gold foil
  • -1 package of printable adhesive silver foil
  • -1 package of printable white sticker paper
  •     – 1 package of printable clear sticker paper
  • -1 package of printable adhesive cotton canvas
    • For $129.99 ($237.92 MSRP)


Whew – Ok, that’s a lot!!   Hope you found this helpful & are ready to Print & Cut!!  Till next time – Terri

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