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I know that I haven’t been on the blog much lately – -but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!!   Last week was our Spring Silhouette Retreat in Peachtree City — just outside Atlanta!  What a fabulous time we had, as 42 ladies gathered to learn more about using their Silhouette Cameo, creating fun projects & meeting and reconnecting with friends!  There was a lot of laughing, talking, eating (of course) – -and creating!    Here are a few pictures from the event!

Glass Etched Vase with Color

Glass Etched Vase with Color

photo 1

Canvas & Batik Banner

Canvas & Batik Banner

These are just some of the projects from our Spring Retreats this year!  Both of the Spring retreats are full and have been for quite some time.  So, this means that some of you weren’t able to get in this time.  Or, you just may not have been able to make it for schedule or other reasons!  So, I’ve decided to make the project instructions available on an exclusive CD, so that all of you can learn how to make these awesome projects!

The CD will include instructions and files for the following:

*Create Fabric Banner (Creating Shapes & Cutting Fabric)

*Personalized Damask Tumbler (Welding files, Layering Vinyl)

*Family Tree Pillow (Creating Stencils; Working with Paintstiks; and Heat Transfer Vinyl)

*Daisy Rhinestone Clutch (Working with Rhinestones, editing & Layering Multiple Colros)

*Glass Etch Vase with Color (Creating Monogram Frame, Etching Glass, adding Color)

*Pop Up Card with Sketch Pens

*Floating Ornament (Print & Cut Transparency; Double Sided Adhesive with Glitter)

*Monogrammed Bucket (Creating Monogram & Layering Vinyl)

Damask Tubler with Layered Vinyl

Damask Tubler with Layered Vinyl

And That’s Not All!    This CD will also include a variety of videos that will help explain & demonstrate some of the techniques used in the projects.  And as an added bonus, a free CD ($59 vale) of the Overview of the Studio Software will be included!   All of this for only $79 and free shipping!  While its not exactly like being a the retreat — its a close 2nd!!  It is kinda like a “virtual retreat”!

So, if you’d like to start making some of these projects, just click here — and the CD will be on its way to you this week!  PS:- these handouts are all written in the Silhouette Version 2 Legacy, since they were done before the new upgrade was introduced.  But the functions all work the same & are easy to transfer over to Version 3, if you have already upgraded.

Watch for news of some upcoming retreats  & store events!  I hope to have those posted in the next few days!  Until then — Hugs, Terri

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  1. Terri Miller says

    Hey Terri!
    Had a great time at Peachtree City Retreat. I learned so much that I thought my head would bust! Well worth the time and effort and cost of the trip. Anyone who wants to really learn what the silhouette can do needs to come to one of these retreats!
    My question is this, will you let us know when it is safe to upgrade to the 3.0 software? As you know we ran into problems with the new upgrade at the retreat because there were a few bugs that needed to be shook out. Please put me on the list of people you want to inform about this. Much appreciated!

    Terri Miller SE TN

    • Terri — thanks so much for the kind comments about the retreat! It was great to have you there & I’m so glad that you learned a lot! That’s the goal!

      I think that its fine to download the newest version of the Silhouette Upgrade. That is 3.0.343 and can be downloaded here:
      There is also a new User’s Manual that can be downloaded & that helps with some of the new features. I have spoken to Silhouette Support since the retreat & while there are a couple of small things still going on, they are aware of it & working on it. I’m now working with this new version on my MAC, and things seem to be going great! Some nice, new features. I’ll post videos soon! Thanks, Terri