“Back to School” with Silhouette!! Creating Text in a Circle & Silhouette Promo


As I’m writing this post, its hard to believe that Summer is winding down!  Those of you that know me, know that I LOVE Summer — and really hang on to it as long as I possibly can!   And I’m actually looking out the window, as I write, at the beautiful Pensacola Beach & Gulf of Mexico.   I was teaching a small workshop here this past week, and my hubby and I tacked on a few days of much needed vacation at the beach!  Its been awesome!

But, as August winds down, everyone’s thoughts turn to “Back to School” activities!  Shopping for school supplies, new clothes and shoes, classroom assignments & so much  more!   So, as the kids are going back to school, and we abandon the “vacation days” of summer – and begin to get back into more of a regular routine — its time to fire up your computer & go “Back to School” with Silhouette!

So, today’s tutorial is going to be a little “Silhouette Schoolhouse” – or a refresher one of my favorite tools & tricks in the Silhouette Studio software!! How to Create Text in a Circle!  (or Text on a Path!) Then scroll down to find out how to save on a great Silhouette bundle with specialty media — like the Silver foil I used for this stickers!   You could make little stickers for personalized lunch sacks!

Text On a Path – 

I recently used this feature to create some awesome little silver foil stickers for the favor bags at my daughter’s baby shower!  The shower theme was vintage airplanes — and her friends set up a delicious candy bar!  These little stickers were for the cellophane bags to hold the candy!

First — Hold down the shift key while selecting the Ellipse tool and drawing your circle.  This allows you to create a perfect circle!  Be sure you don’t release the “shift” key until your circle is complete!

Circle text photo 1

Next, select your Text tool on the left hand screen — and type whatever you’d like to put on your circle.  (I’ve filled my text in with color to make it easier to see in the pictures).  You’ll see a green box appear around your text, with a little “crosshair” icon at the bottom left.  This little icon is what you use to attach your Text to a path.

Circle Text picture 2

Now, at this point, grab the “crosshair toggle icon” – and drag your text to the circle.  When that icon touches the circle, it will automatically wrap around the text around the circle.   Now, a little slider icon appears — at that point, use the slider to move the text in and out.   This allows you to place the text inside the circle, if you want!

circle text photo 51

Sometimes, depending on the font you use & the size of your circle — the text is too close together.  Use the Character Spacing feature to adjust it until its just where you want!

Circle text  photo 4.

At this point, you are almost done!  For some projects, its important to convert this text to the patch.   This allows you to mirror the text horizontally, if you are going to be cutting it out of Heat Transfer Vinyl.  So, the final step is to select the separate parts of the circle text & use the drop down menu to “Convert to Path”.

circle text photo 5

The final step –Select all of your file — and Group it all together!   You’ll see that the original circle will disappear!  It was being used as a simple path.   Always go to your cut settings to see what is going to cut!       That’s it!  You can insert any picture or design into the center of your text!   You can also select all of the design & size it up and down to whatever size you need!

Hope this has helped you understand better how to arrange your text in a circle!  Its a great tool in Silhouette Studio!  And this “Back to School” special from Silhouette is a great time to start creating with all of this great Specialty Media!   Be sure to use promo code TERRI at checkout to take advantage of these savings!

Until next time — Hugs, Terri

august 2014 promo

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  1. Patricia McConnell says

    Thanks, Terry, for the tutorial. Also, thanks for the awesome beach picture. Makes me homesick since
    I am from north florida and now live in Texas.
    Have a great vacation.

    • Patricia – I am sure you do miss the beach! I’m a transplanted Florida girl, myself – -and I hope to return one day! Glad you enjoyed the tutorial!! Have a great week! Thanks, Terri