Silhouette Studio & Embrillance Embroidery Essentials!!

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As many of you know, the very first reason I wanted a Silhouette  Cameo was to cut Machine Embroidery Appliques!  I HATE cutting those in the hoop & I’m often not successful cutting the hoop.    And, you may also know that I”ve been wishing & hoping for a long time that someone would combine these these two wonderful software features — in one software program — and finally it has happened!!!!  

The brilliant folks at “Embrillance Software” have teamed up with the awesome folks at Silhouette America to allow us to save our Machine Embroidery Applique Cut Files as a Studio Cut File – right in the embroidery software!!!!  It is awesome!!   So, rather than try to explain it with words — I’m going to share this video with you!   Watch it & be amazed!!   But that’s not all!!   This embroidery software runs on a MAC Computer!!!!  It is awesome!  (Can you tell I’m excited about it??)

That’s it!   I have been working with this software for the last week or so & I love it!   Its very straight forward and easy to use!   And I really love that you can simply save your appliqué cut files in just one step!  No tracing, no pasting & no sizing!!  And did I mention that it runs on a MAC????    I love that I can now view and edit embroidery files on my MacBook!   If you are like me, you have several embroidery software programs — that you have probably paid a LOT more for than Embrillance Essentials — but this is the only one that saves in studio format AND runs on my Mac!

So, check out this video and then check out more features of the software on the Embrillance website.  They are really great folks & they are readily available to help!   I’ll be sharing some more features of this awesome embroidery software in the next few weeks — so stay tuned!

Let me know what you think about this software in the comments below — I’d love your feedback!  (And PS — In the video I mentioned the software was on sale for $139 — but I made this video last week, and I guess the sale has expired.  But its still an awesome value @ $149!   Really powerful software for the price).

Tomorrow I’ll share a few new projects that I’ve been working on!  Have an awesome weekend!   Hugs, Terri

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  1. Wendy Pannell says

    Oh, Terri, thank you for that great news!!!! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for (since I have a Mac). I am buying Embrilliance today! You rock, girl – keep the information flowing out here in cyberspace!!!!

    • Wendy — You are going to LOVE this software! I too love that I can use it on my MAC! Looking forward to seeing what you are doing with it soon! Post pics!

  2. Denise Starr Cosby says

    Thanks so much…I keep purchasing more things and haven’t masteted the cameo sillouette yet?
    Arw you teaching thw cameo class this fall . In Atl? If so, what r the dates, cost, and will there be more emphasis and classes for beginners or will the advanced be grouped together. Please let me know so I can make my plans. Thanks!

  3. Cindie Prather says

    Where and when is the class? And are you selling the software? I am moving to AZ in sept.

    • Cindie — Not sure what class? But I am not selling the Embrillance software right now. However, I am an affiliate with them. So, if you want to purchase the software — I would really appreciate it if you clicked on one of the links in my post to go to their page. That lets them know that I referred you to them! Thanks, Terri

  4. Kathy Bruer says

    I made a birthday shirt last week and used Embrillance and the cameo. I LOVED that Embrillance was easy to remove the satin stitches (double appliqué) that would make the top appliqué bulky, then it was SO easy to make the studio files, cut them and sew. Wow! I’m still amazed at this great product.

    • Kathy — So glad you are enjoying the Embrillance! Would love to see pics of your birthday shirt! It is so easy to remove the overlaps — I’ll have an upcoming video on that as well! So glad the folks at Silhouette & Embrillance got together on this! Terri

  5. I have Buzz software – Word, Edit, Size – that I have been very happy with and understand how to use moderately well, but mapping fonts is a big pain and I’m considering buying Embrilliance, since BX files are so easy to add. I currently only have the demo version of Embrilliance, and am wondering if this applique function works in it. I couldn’t find the applique button, but I am a true beginner with it. I have a SNC, and would want to save in the FCM . Is this possible in the demo version. Thanks for your help.

    • Kathleen — I’m afraid I’m just not sure about the demo version, as I have a full version on my computer. Did you click on the first color stop which should be the placement stitch? This feature is fairly new — so if you have an older version, it may not be available. However, I do know that it should work exactly the same way for Scan and Cut as it does for the Silhouette – Simply select the FCM format to save your Cut! Its awesome!

  6. Lynn Cunningham says

    Terri, I’m hoping you can help me! I purchased the Silhouette Cameo in hopes of being able to use it to offset words that I’m going to embroidery in order to border them in fabric. I’m doing this to make embellished team caps. My problem is that the Silhouette cannot recognize any of my embroidery fonts. If I purchased Embird, would I be able to save the fonts as a file that the Silhouette could recognize?

    • Dear Lynn – -I’m not sure about using Embird, as that is not a software that I own. However, if you have any software, you can screen capture the image of your embroidery (with the Snipping tool in Microsoft) – -and then bring that jpg. into Silhouette. Then, you could offset that image, and create a cut file for your fabric background. Hope this makes sense & helps. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks

  7. Hi Terri, I am so happy to find your site and to hear that Embrillance has done this. Embrillance was my first embroidery software that I bought and still use a lot today. Do you know if I do an update that I can get this feature on my software that I already have?

  8. Terry: So are you saying I can’t use my current embroidery software with is Bernina Artista Version 6 with the Silhouette to cut appliqué files? I have tried it but the design always comes in to the Silhouette way to large. Thank You. Jamie

    • Jamie – -No, you can use your Artista software — but, you have to isolate the placement stitch, then copy & paste it into Silhouette Studio. So, you’re right — it won’t be the correct size. So, if you follow the tutorial, you can then size it down to the correct size. The Embrilliance software just makes it soooo much easier!

  9. Barbara Buchler says

    Many have said to make your pattern a mm larger to make sure it gets tacked on. I noticed in one of the other software program this is done automatically for you when you go to applique function, does embrillance do that as well, or do you have to make the changes manually? Thank you. I do enjoy your videos.

    • Barbara — When you click on the appliqué portion of your design in Embrilliance, a box pops up that gives you the option to inflate (or enlarge) the design, if you want to. It also allows you to select how much to enlarge it. I love this feature, as some digitizers require more or less than others. Thanks — Terri

  10. Terri, Thank you so much for this wonderful information and video! I already own the Embrillance software Alpha Tricks and Thumbnailer. Do I need to purchase Essentials to be able to do the applique with Silhouette? I purchased Alpha Tricks last year and Essentials also has this feature on it . I just hate spending more money and duplicating features I already spent money on. Also, which Silhouette machine do you recommend? I absolutely LOVE Essentials Alpha Tricks and Thumbnailer, wow so much time saved by using them!
    Thank you again..

    • Debby — The Essentials is the portion of the software that will give you the capability to cut the appliqué fabric. This feature isn’t available with what you currently have. However, you will love using the Essentials for so many things – not just appliqué!

  11. Hi Terri! I too am new to Embrilliance! I had to say thanks for this tutorial. It helped a lot. I love my silhouette and was looking to combine with embroidery. It’s great. I hope you have videos coming on combing the two!

  12. Hi Terri. First – thanks for being so smart and sharing it with the rest of us. Second – you’re much smarter because this didn’t work for me. I was able to set the stitch color as an appliqué position and save it as a studio file and bring the cut file into my Silhouette software, but the size was all off. It was way too big. I used the .9 inflate and then did it again with the 0 inflate. Can you help? Maybe I have some setting that needs to be adjusted? Thanks for your help.

    • Betsy – -Its really not a matter of being smart – -just sometimes working with something & figuring out the “issues”. One problem that you might be having is if there is a jump stitch included in your appliqué that is making the software read it larger than it really is. Can you tell if that’s the problem? Let me know & I’ll see if I can solve that for you!