Quick DIY Fall Project – Be Thankful!

Thankful frame

I LOVE Thanksgiving!   Now, those of you that know me might be surprised to hear me say that — as you know I’m not a big fan of Fall.   Because Fall leads to……………….WINTER!!!!   Well, I won’t go there!    But, I love Thanksgiving because I have so very much to be thankful for!  I sometimes feel its the “forgotten holiday” between Halloween & Christmas — and I think its important that we stop & say “thank you” for all of the blessings we receive!    So, I’ve always been drawn to this beautiful design by Kolette Hall in the Silhouette Online Store.    I made a impromptu trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday, and was inspired by all of the things I found there!!   So, I wanted to share with you how you can make this project in just one short session!

GETTING STARTED  – First, you need to gather your supplies.   I used Black Heat Transfer Vinyl; Printed Burlap Paper (found @ Hobby Lobby – and it was on sale!  50% off); Assorted batik fabrics that I had in my “stash”; Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing from Silhouette America; some little floral embellishments; Fabric Fuse from Therm-O-Web, and a Black 12×12 Scrapbook Frame (also at Hobby Lobby & used my 40% off coupon).  

Supplies for Thankful Frame

NEXT – CUTTING THE HTV – I opened the File from the Silhouette Store.  When it comes onto your mat, you will notice there are 2 files — One is all welded together & the other is separate, so that you can cut in different colors.  However, since I was cutting this all in black, I ungrouped the file & deleted the one I wasn’t using.   (Select the file, Click on “Object” on the toolbar –  drop down to “ungroup”).

Now — whenever  cutting text in HTV – be sure to mirror your file!!!   (Ask me how I know – -and about the wasted HTV in my trash can!).    Again — Object, Drop down menu; Mirror — Flip Horizontally!   It should look like this!  (I filled it in with black to make it easier to see.) 

Mirror HTV

After weeding the excess HTV from the clear carrier sheet, I placed it on my Printed Burlap Page, covered with appliqué pressing sheet & pressed!  (Yes, I did use a heat press, but this could be done with an iron.  It just takes a little longer).  By the way, this pack of Printed Burlap is pretty cool.   There are 12 sheets for $19.99 – -and like I said, I got it on sale for 50% off!   There are several different patterns — just tear off the one you want to use!   I found it with the Scrapbook paper.

CUTTING THE LEAVES – For the leaves – I used a beautiful “8 Leaves” from Lori Whitlock in the Silhouette Store.  I simply fused the Clean Cut Sewable Interfacing to the back of my fabric, removed the paper backing, and placed the fabric swatches on my mat.   These leaves were cut from assorted batik fabrics that I had in my stash.  As you can see, batiks cut so beautifully with the Cameo!  Simply select the appropriate fabric settings in  your Cameo & cut!    Then place the leaves wherever you’d like them on the page & fuse — either with your iron or heat press.  Be sure to use the appliqué pressing sheet, if your iron or press touches the HTV.

Leaves by Lori Whitlock

Now for the final touches!  Simply use the Fabric Fuse to glue your little embellishments in place!  I trimmed the burlap page to fit into the frame (it was just a tiny bit big), and removed the glass from the frame.   The flower embellishments wouldn’t fit under the glass — and I wanted the texture of the project to show.    So, you’re all done!  I LOVE IT!   And am so excited that its done & can be displayed until Thanksgiving!!    Or even all year round – as “There is Always Something to be Thankful For”!

thankful close up

RIGHT ABOUT NOW – I’M THANKFUL FOR SILHOUETTE AMERICA!   Today, they are launching a new Cameo!!   As you know, we all love our Cameos — and this company for the amazing development of the product & software!   And just to think – all of your software updates are free!!   In the embroidery world, you often have to pay for software updates!    But, I digress……    You can find more info on the Silhouette America site, but here is just a little preview of the new features in this soon to be released Cameo –

– Still called “Cameo”
– All white – sleek look
– Full color LCD touch screen
– Small “pop – out” compartment on left side to hold 2 blades
– USB port – still has cable connect port as well
– on the back there is a Cross Cutter built in. There is a trough for a cutter (like a letter opener – comes in the box with machine) Used for non mat continuous cutting
– Help menu on board through LCD screen
– Steel Spring rollers for the feeder bar – “firm yet gentle”
– Easier guide for mat alignment
– Power button is on the side with the USB ports and power port
– Can put machine into “sleep mode” if you don’t want to power down completely
– Same size – will fit in rolling bags

I hope to have the new Cameo in stock within the next few weeks (the demand is high right now) – so stay tuned!     And from now until the end of October, Silhouette America has a promotion on the Portrait Bundle.    This month’s promotion is The Portrait Bundle for $149.99 will include:

A Portrait machine, 1 pack of Printable Gold Foil, 1 pack of Printable Silver Foil, 1 pack of Vellum and 1 grey dust cover.  Simply go to http://www.silhouetteamerica.com/October  – Use the Promo Code TERRI to take advantage of these savings!   I think a Portrait would make an awesome Travel Silhouette machine — and will fit much easier for flying!

October promo

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!   I’m flying to Knoxville tomorrow for a 2 day Silhouette Workshop at MidSouth Sewing & Fabric!    I’ll be posting pictures next week!  Looking forward to meeting everyone there!   And until next time —

Be Thankful, Terri


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  1. Laura Corning says

    I absolutely love how detailed and easy to follow your instructions are. I’ve had my cameo for a couple of years and only did two projects because I’m intimidated. I’m going to be checking out your blog more and try new things,thanks!