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What to Do When Nothing will Stick — Or How I Made These Coasters!

One of my daughters lives in Virginia Beach — just 2 short blocks from the beach access!  Its   awesome!  Her home is decorated in a lovely beach decor.    I always feel like I’m going on a mini-vacation when I visit her!  She recently purchased some new wooden end tables.  And while I was visiting, I noticed she was using some heavy paper coasters for her tables!   These tables are used daily for coffee, water & wine – so {Read More}

Capturing Images for Silhouette – part #2 – On a Macbook

Hi!  Yesterday’s post was on Capturing Images on a PC  — so that you can bring them into Silhouette Studio.  If you missed it, simply click on the link & it will take you there!   Today, we are going to talk about how to do the same thing on a Macbook!  For a variety of reasons, I work on both a PC and a Macbook — so I’ve become pretty experienced at capturing images on both computers. Sometimes, I {Read More}

Capturing Images for Silhouette -Part #1 – On a PC

Happy First Day of Spring!  While it may not feel like it where you are — (or here either) – Spring is on its way!  On our way home from our Florida vacation last week, we stopped in SC at a rest stop.  There were the most beautiful Bradford Pears blooming – and it was a beautiful reminder of what is to come! So with that beautiful encouragement from God – on to our tutorial for today! Often, many Silhouette {Read More}