What to Do When Nothing will Stick — Or How I Made These Coasters!

CoastersOne of my daughters lives in Virginia Beach — just 2 short blocks from the beach access!  Its   awesome!  Her home is decorated in a lovely beach decor.    I always feel like I’m going on a mini-vacation when I visit her!  She recently purchased some new wooden end tables.  And while I was visiting, I noticed she was using some heavy paper coasters for her tables!   These tables are used daily for coffee, water & wine – so I knew she needed something that would hold up longer!

While recently shopping at one of my favorite stores for Silhouette projects — Home Goods — I found these blank stone type coasters. I’m not really sure what they are made of, but they are heavy and have little feet on the bottom.  And they were in the clearance section for $5.00!  So they were perfect!   The only problem is that they were plain — but I knew that I could take care of that!

blank coasters

My thought was that it would only take at few minutes to cut some beach theme designs with 651 vinyl, apply it to the coasters, and this project would be done!   HOWEVER, that did not turn out to be the case.   After selecting some cute beach designs from my Silhouette library (and I have many, as I love the beach, too) — weeding the vinyl, and transferring the designs to the coasters — I found that NOTHING would stick to this surface!  Nothing!


The vinyl simply would not stick.  It kept tight & secure to the transfer tape & would not come off!  The coasters had a chalky like surface, and it was keeping the vinyl from adhering.   I tried just about everything I could think of and finally set them aside.   Part of me thought she just might have to get blank coasters — but I could not bring myself to give them to her blank.

So, those blank coasters sat on my work table, taunting me, every time I would look at them!   Fast forward about 3 months.  I was shopping in Michaels for supplies for an upcoming retreat.  We are creating wooden PVPP signs and I was picking up some Decou-page (with my 40% off coupon, of course!).  And sitting right next to it, was an array of new (or new to me) Mod Podge products — for all types of things.  But the one that caught my eye was this one — Mod Podge – Dishwasher Safe/Gloss.  When I read the back it “use on all surfaces”;  “Dishwasher safe/top rack”;  “Dries hard, no tack”.   So, I bought a bottle thinking it could be the answer for these coasters.


I brought this Mod Podge home and put a quick coat on the coasters with a soft bristle brush.  (I failed to mention that I had already tried regular Mod Podge on these coasters & it didn’t help.)  After letting it dry for the 2 hours specified on the back of the bottle, I cut my vinyl again  — and SUCCESS!!  The vinyl easily transferred and stuck to the coasters — I was thrilled!  And after they sat over night, it seemed to be even more secure!

The Mod Podge claims to be gloss — but it didn’t really turn out very glossy on these coasters.  But, I think thats because whatever these are made of absorbed some of the Mod Podge.  There is a slight sheen to them, but I like the way it looks.  I had originally planned to put a sealer coat on these — but I think I am going to leave them the way they are.   And the fact that this Mod Podge claims to be Dishwasher safe hopefully means that the water from glasses will not absorb into the coasters!  (It does say to let it cure 28 days before washing — so I’ll have to hold off giving them to her.)

just boasters

I’m excited to give these to my daughter — I think she’ll love them.  (Pretty sure she doesn’t regularly read my blog — so they might still be a surprise!  If not, oh well — she’ll still like them!)  And I’ve discovered a new product to use in my arsenal — Lots of ideas are swirling in my head – -so watch for upcoming blogs using this!   And by the way — I’m in no way affiliated with Mod Podge or their company — just found something that worked & wanted to share!

I’m busy getting ready for our Silhouette 2.0 retreat in Atlanta next month – -that one is pretty full.  But we do have openings in 2 additional retreats this Summer — Silhouette and Spa – May 28-31 in Ohio.  This event is in a brand new venue, and very hands on with only 20 students!  And our, “Getting to Know Your Silhouette” Retreat, June 12-14 in Richmond, VA.   We’d love to have you join us – -so if you want to know more about your Silhouette, being immersed for the entire weekend — then sign up today!

If you found this helpful — please Pin or share on Facebook!  Until next time — Terri

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  1. Frankie Horstman says

    Where in Ohio is the retreat?

  2. Debra Williams says

    I wish! Come to Texas!

    • Debra — Good news! I actually will be coming to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area this July — as I am teaching at the Appliqué Getaway! I don’t believe all of the details have been posted yet – -but here is the link to their site! http://appliquegetaway.com You can sign up to receive emails with more information, if you would like. Hope you can join us there! Terri

  3. I love your solution but I also love the fact that you had to let the project germinate. I feel like a novice when I get stumped. I am glad that an expert also gets stumped. Thanks for sharing.

    • Judy — Thanks! Believe me, I do get stumped & run into obstacles sometimes! So, its one of the reasons I want to pass along what I’ve discovered to you! Hopefully it will save you some time & trouble! Glad you liked the project & post! Terri