Happy Mother’s Day!

15590_10204251971079318_4741016936895875738_nHappy Mother’s Day –

I often wonder how some of you began your crafting creative journey – -whether sewing, quilting, or working with your Silhouette.    While I know its not true for everyone,  I would guess that many of you get your creative side from your mother or possibly (like me) grandmother.    This picture above is of my mother on the right & grandmother on the left – -many years ago in Roan Mountain, TN.

My  grandmother sewed beautifully & made quilts for everyone in the family. I still have several, but the most special is a strawberry applique quilt that was coveted by everyone in the family. Ma-ma gave it to me when she came to stay with me, while I was recovering from breast cancer surgery! It was a huge comfort to me during that time, and is still one of my prized possessions!

She was also the first person to teach me to sew on a treadle Singer sewing machine. Remember those?   I still have it (or at least parts of it) and have fond memories of pumping that foot pedal to control the sewing machine. It was awesome. How I wish she could see my machines and my studio & what I make today – I think she would be happy, and proud of me!

So, all of this leads me to think about why we do what we do.   Why do we spend so much time & energy on the things that we make for the people in our lives that we love? Why do we spend often times more money on the supplies, than we would if we had just gone out & bought something?   Why do I feel like I can’t give a gift unless its personalized with a monogram or some type of personalization?   Why do I stay up late sewing special outfits for my grandsons, instead of buying it off the rack or ordering online?

I think part of it is just because we enjoy the process. We love taking a blank “something” and turning it into something treasured by our loved ones. It is so rewarding to sew a little outfit for Easter or another special occasion, and then have it worn a few years later by a sibling. (Unlike COOKING – that has to be done over every night!) However, I think the bigger reason is because we want to give a part of ourselves. Because we want to say to that person – “You matter to me – a lot!”   And, “Its important to me that you know you are loved by me.”   And most importantly – -“you are so special!”

So, this Mother’s Day – be thankful for the person or people in your life – who taught you to craft or sew or create. Who fostered that creative spirit in you & encouraged you. And if she is still with you – -be sure to thank her & let her know how it has enriched your life.   And in the spirit of honoring your mother, grandmother or whomever shared their creativity with you – share your love of creating with someone else! Take the time to pass this love for creativity on to someone – -maybe not a child or sibling – -but just someone else who will enjoy sharing themselves in the way that you do!  Its one of the reasons I write this blog and teach the classes that I do!  Its so rewarding to share this passion with others!

Happy Mothers Day – Terri


PS — This Mother’s Day, in the spirit of my grandmother, who taught me to sew — I love to continue sharing my love of creating with you! Take advantage of the Mother’s Day Craftsy Sale – and sign up for a new class! http://www.craftsy.com/ext/TerriJohnson_holiday



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  1. Cathie Vaughn says

    Beautifully written and very heartfelt…Happy Other’s Day to you, too, Teri.

  2. Barb Scharf says

    Thanks for sharing Terri, and thank you for sharing your talents with us. My maternal grandmother crochet, hand-embroidered, tatted, and quite possibly, made quilts. She died when I was 7 but I obviously inherited her creativity!

  3. Eva McCormack says

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Terri and all Mother’s out there. I have been blessed with an amazing family and I truly love making things for them.

  4. Well I am quite the anomaly to your beautiful story. I was introduced to crafts in grade school. I taught myself to sew at age 12 and by college I had developed many bad habits. It was not until my mid 40’s that I blossomed as a creative designer and I continue to grow each day. In spite of how we developed this craft, we all need to keep it alive for many generations.