Silhouette Summit 2015

Aloha from Honolulu!  I’m enjoying my last day of this fabulous weather and view, as the Silhouette Summit comes to a close this evening.  Then I hop on a plane & head home!  So, while this was all still very fresh in my mind, I wanted to share with all of you what I saw and experienced here at the Silhouette Summit!

First, I want to say that I think this is an amazing company!  I had the privilege of meeting with the President & CEO, Mr. Arakawa — as well as many other corporate folks.  And each one of them was nicer than the last.   They truly listened to what I had to say & seemed to care about the input of consumers.



Next — I truly believe that they are on the cutting edge of innovation in the crafting world!   The announcement that I was the most excited about was the soon to be released software, called Silhouette Studio Plus.   This will be a purchased upgrade, like Designer Edition.  If you already own DE, the upgrade will be $24.99.   If you don’t, it will be $74.99.   And it will be included in the Business Edition software.   For me, the most exciting part of this upgrade is the fact that it will allow us to open your machine embroidery files in the Silhouette Studio software!!   I’ve been asking for that for about 4 years from Silhouette!



Meet Hannah — She is a delightful young lady from England, who has been working on this part of the software development.  She was so enthusiastic & has really worked hard to incorporate this into the software.  AT this time, PES and EXP formats can be opened in the new software, with other formats being worked on.    It is all still in development & will hopefully be released in late Fall.  This isn’t the best photo, but hopefully you can see how it works.    You simply open your appliqué embroidery design; In the Cut Settings window, you will select the Advanced Options, and Cut by Layer.   Then, you simply check the placement stitch (which in this case happens to be the first layer) — Send to Silhouette & cut!!    That’s it!




As you can see in this picture above, the parts can be separated, cut, deleted – -whatever you want to do!   I think this is pretty exciting!

Another exciting software development is the Silhouette Studio Mobile app!    This is going to be such a game changer!  You will be able to work on Silhouette projects anywhere — any tablet, phone, iPad — and it going to be a FREE app!   Clink on this link to learn more about it!    There is also information on this page about the Silhouette Link.  This is going to be another FREE upgrade that will allow you to cut from any Silhouette device remotely.   You won’t need to buy an adapter or anything, but you will need a host device to run the Silhouette cutter.   For example, an old android phone or an outdated laptop — something has to be the host — but then you can send designs from any mobile device — your phone, laptop, tablet.   And can I say it again – -this is free!

There is also going to be a Silhouette Cloud!!!    You will be able to back up all of your designs and they will be accessible on any device!  So, not more exporting & importing & re-downloading.  There will be unlimited storage space for all of your designs from the Silhouette Library;  Everyone will receive 1 GB for other designs; Subscription holders will receive 5GB; and Silhouette Club members – 10GB!!    And I’m pretty sure that they said this cloud would be free, as well!  Your Silhouette Studio will remain a download – -and NOT a cloud based software — which I think is good news!  You don’t want to have to be online to use it!

There are a lot of new consumable products that are being released as well!   Some of the ones that I think will be really fun are the “Scratch Off Sticker Paper”, Glow in the Dark Stitcher paper; and Glow in the Dark fabric paint!  There is even going to be a UV Light Sensitive Fabric ink!!!   There is a Faux Leather paper — and  a printable cotton quilt type fabric that once its printed & cut – -you remove the backing and there is no residue or plastic feel like when you use the interfacing backing.   To see more about the new products, and pictures of them – you can go to this link!!

The other two big announcements are the Silhouette Mint and the Silhouette Curio.   These are not replacements for your Cameo.   They are different machines that do different things!     I think the Mint is pretty exciting!    And its just so darn cute!  It fits in the palm of your hand and will retail for $129.    It allows you to create your own rubber stamps — from the included software.  You then use a special ink that absorbs into the stamp — and you can stamp unto 50 times with one inking!    Its not messy, either — the ink stays only where you want it to on the embossed part of the stamp.  I’ve never been a big stamp person, (well, I bought stamps, I just never used them!)  because I would always make a mess — but this is going to be a total game changer!   Once you ink the stamp, if you only use a few stamps of it, you place the cover on it & you can come back in a month & start stamping again!   I got to play with it & its awesome!




IMG_0407I know that these aren’t the best pictures — but it was hard to get up close!  Everyone was so excited!  I really like this little machine & I can think of all types of applications!   Gift tags, “Handmade with love” for your handmade items, return address label, cards,  stamps for books — one rep had the cutest stamp he’d made from his daughter’s picture that said “This book belongs to Ava”!  Super cute!   The list goes on and on!

The final machine is the Curio.   I think this is an amazing machine, as well!  Its works similar to a Cameo, but it has a much larger clearance to pass through — so thicker items like craft foam, balsa wood, etc. can be cut with the deep cut blade.  It also has the capability to etch and stipple on items like tin metal and wood.    It does a beautiful job of embossing as well!   The workspace area is a little big bigger than 5×7″ — maybe 6×8″ — but its a different machine than the Cameo.



IMG_0416There is more information on both of these machines in the link above.  It shows accessories, what’s included in the box, cost & much more!   Be sure to check it out!

Needless to say – -everyone is very excited about all of the new innovations from Silhouette America!   I cannot wait to get my hands on these products & begin creating – -and then sharing them with you!!   It opens up all types of new creative possibilities!    But, for now — I need to pack & get ready to head home!   Then, I head to Buffalo, NY for a weekend Silhouette Retreat!   But stay tuned early next week for a big exciting announcement!   Until then — Hugs, Terri



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  1. Sharon Rexroad says

    Thanks, Teri, for sharing all you learned! Time to save more pennies!

  2. Susan Mars says

    I’ll take one of everything, please! 🙂 What fun!! I can’t wait!

  3. Eva McCormack says

    I am so excited for these products and upgrades. Now I will need lessons for these as well.


    Eva McCormack

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I think I heard about the embroidery files, but it took you getting excited about it for me to realize that my friend who is amazing with a sewing machine was wanting the same thing! I’ve forwarded your blog post to her, so she can get excited, too!

  5. Thanks for the exciting info about the upgrades and new products. Can’t wait to hear your BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. I am so happy that the software developers are listening. Oh, BTW, if you need a chaperone for the next time you travel to Hawaii, be sure to call me.


  6. Jeanette burson says

    Is there ever a workshop in the UK to demonstrate and be able to use these new machines and software?

    • Jeanette — I just don’t know the answer to that question! I suggest you contact Silhouette Customer service & see if they can help you — Terri

  7. Thanks so much for posting all that information – really interesting….

  8. Debra Roberts says

    So excited for Silhouette Studio Plus to be able to cut applique this is reason I bought cameo in first place I’ve done everything but cut applique great news!

  9. Karen Lambert says

    If you already own the Business Edition, will the ability to read embroidery files be included in an upgrade or must it be purchased also. I do own the Business Edition and do machine embroidery so this would be a function I would use all the time.

    • My understanding is that it will be included in the Business Edition Upgrade. There was so much information being shared, that I’m not 100% sure I have that correct, but that’s what I think!

  10. Judy Panfil Young says

    I am elated! Been waiting for this craft to explode and it finally did! 😀

  11. Wasn’t the summit amazing?! I so wish I would have met you while we were there. So excited for all the new products!!!

  12. Just opening the embroidery files alone is a huge game saver, this alone will get people buying cameos faster than ever.