Thank You, Silhouette America!


This morning, I was working on some birthday shirts for my middle grandson, Greyson — who turns one today!  (Nothing like last minute, I know!  But it will be in time for his party!)   And while creating the files for his birthday shirt in my Silhouette software, I was thinking about how awesome this software is!   Now, first of all — I want you to know that I do not work for Silhouette America. I have a great relationship with them, and we do work together on projects from time to time.   However, I am not employed by them!

This week, they have released a critical update on the software.  I have received several emails & questions about this update, so I thought I would share some thoughts here.  It is because the credit card companies have determined that the current encryption is not secure when we purchase designs through the Silhouette Store.  So, in order to access the Design store, this new update is necessary.    I don’t know about you — but it seems I’m getting “hacked” every time I turn around.  Just last week, there were over $2000 in fraudulent charges on my Discover Card, and it took quite a bit of time and several phone calls to get this resolved.  So, I appreciate any effort by a company to keep my information secure!   Here is a link to their FAQ page, about that update.

I realize that some people are having problems with this update (especially on older Operating systems), and are nervous about updating their software & potentially having problems with their Silhouette Studio program.  And I get that!  (However, I do want you to know that yesterday, I updated both my PC and my MAC with no problem whatsoever! )  There is no software, or software company that is without “bugs” or is perfect.   That is why both Apple & Microsoft  continually send you notices about updating your software.  They fix things, they improve things & they are trying to keep us safer from hackers!    I also know that Silhouette support does work to resolve these issues — maybe not as quickly as you’d like — but they are working on it.  I was told yesterday (by Silhouette support) that they hope to have a patch for XP users by next week.

Many of you know that I come from an “embroidery world” background.  In that world, software issues are also common — especially when you have an older computer, or when you buy a new computer & want to “re-install” that software on your new computer.   There are very few “free” updates & upgrades — and you sure don’t get support for older software or operating systems.  In the embroidery software world, customers were often told that they would just have to buy the new software!  Believe me, that did not go over well!  But as technology continues to evolve, we have to evolve with it!

I’m not suggesting that you DO upgrade your software, or DON’T upgrade your software — that is up to you!  However, you do need to be aware that after June 22, you will not be able to access the Design Store unless you upgrade.

So, all of that being said — I want to say “Thank You!” to Silhouette America!  First, for offering us such an awesome software!  I often tell my classes that you get the Cameo cutter for free — and you are paying for the software!   And, for your innovation in developing new products!   Second, for continuing to offer us support – even when we haven’t purchased anything new!    And I was really pleased to hear at the Silhouette Summit last month, that the new Silhouette Studio Mobile apps, and Silhouette Link updates – -will all be FREE!  Those are updates we are all going to want!

Now — back to my shirts for Greyson!  Hope you are creating something fun in Silhouette today!  And hope that you can join us at the All Things Silhouette Conference in November!  We are over half full & adding new sponsors, vendors & instructors each week!  Hope you can join us!  Terri

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  1. I followed the instructions for the update to version 3.3.638, (I think), but nowhere does it tell me that the update was successful. Where can I go to find out what version I am actually using? I am not a computer expert! The Silhouette site is NO help at all. Thanks for helping this computer DUMMY.

    • Judy — You’re not a computer dummy! Its just something new! No problem. I’m assuming that you can open your Silhouette Studio software. Once its open, go to the top tool bar. If you are on a PC, click on “Help”. A drop down menu will appear & click on About Silhouette Studio. That will tell you the version of software you are running. If you are on a MAC, then go to the tool bar icon that says “Silhouette Studio” and do the same thing! Chances are — you are all good!

    • lin griffin says

      I do appreciate your timely message as anymore it is difficult at time to know what is legitimate and what is not — such as this Silhouette update. When I went into my account — it showed I had the latest version which perplexed me, but I updated from the Silhouette site anyway — did the download so assuming this is the updated one.

      I also want to let you know and anyone who has any hesitations about attending classes —– go for it. I began with the Silhouette SD which I used minimally BUT I HAD TO HAVE the Silhouette Cameo. I did find the Cameo easier to use, but I lacked the confidence and know how to advance to more than simple paper cutting. Took your class in Atlanta in April 2015 — and seeing and knowing how to use some of the features motivated me to throw the fear away and venture to designing, modifying, etc ——– and use vinyl. NOW I know why there is such hoopla with vinyl. Thank you. for being a source of trusted information and knowledge.

      • Thanks, Lin!! I really appreciate your comments! I know that the software doesn’t always accurately tell you if you need an update — so I just go to the Silhouette America website & check the latest version against my software. If you check the “Help” toolbar — and About Silhouette Studio from the drop down menu, it will let you know what version you are running.

  2. Debra Williams says

    So if we still have XP, we need to wait until they design the patch before even attempting. I’m scared. I have never updated at all, not once. I did one recovery when my hard drive had to be reformatted after a crash but that is it. Is there anywhere that has step by step based on your situation. I am not sure how to back up the library either. I love my machine but this is stressing me and not a lot of time to figure it out.

    • Debra — Yes, if you are running XP on your computer, you need to wait. You’re right, there isn’t a lot of time, but I know that Silhouette support is working to get this patch ready. It has to do with the graphics card in your computer (I don’t pretend to understand that, but that’s what they tell me!) Don’t stress — In the mean time, here is a way to back up your library! Open your Silhouette Software. In the top toolbar, click on “File” to open the Dropdown menu. From there, select Library — you get a side menu & select Export Library. You can then save that Library to an external hard drive, USB, or wherever you would like. Then you know you have all of your current designs.

      • Debra Williams says

        Thank you I’m going to back it up and wait. Thanks for the crystal clear explanation of what is going on.

  3. Barb Scharf says

    Thanks Terri! I haven’t used my silhouette in a while and had to get on last night. I saw the update prompt and cringed. So glad you addressed this! Happy birthday to Greyson!