Creating a Print & Cut Phone Case – part 1

featured phone caseRecently, while cleaning out a desk drawer, I found an old, personalized, (not cheap) phone case for my iPhone 4.   I currently own an iPhone 5 – and probably will upgrade one day soon!  So, it got me to thinking how quickly these phone cases become obsolete!    So, off to my Silhouette Cameo to make my own!

phone case

As you may know – I have three precious grandsons & I love the idea of their pics on my phone!  So, I decided to create Print & Cut files that I can exchange easily, rotating the 3 boys!

First, I headed to Amazon & purchased a clear case for my iPhone 5s.  There are tons of them there, so you can just select the one that is best for you & your phone.  Then, I did a search for a template of my phone – and again, there are tons!  Just search “Template for XXXXXX” – inserting the name of your particular phone.    Once you find the image, save it to your computer.  (Another option is to trace your actual phone & then scan it into your computer — but I’m lazy!  Or, some of the phone cases come with a paper template.)

Now, you can open Silhouette Studio.  Select your Design Page window & set your page to 8.5×11, since you are cutting card stock.    Add the Registration Marks.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.57.30 AM

To bring the template into your workspace, click on File — Merge.  This way, you will save the P&C settings you have already selected.   The image will more than likely NOT come in at actual size, so we will have to size it — but first just enlarge it so that you can trace it.  (Mine came in pretty tiny).

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.28.36 PM

Now, open the Trace Window & Select Trace area.   Drag your cursor around the outside of the phone image — I left the High Pass filter on & increased it to about 11 to get a nice solid yellow line — and then Click on “Trace Outer Edge” .  This is important so that you don’t get double lines.

Once that is done, repeat the process — but this time, only trace the little window opening for your camera — and Trace Outer Edge.  At this point, you can delete your original image.    Select both & got to File — Make Compound Path.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.33.49 PM

Its now time to size your file.   To be the most accurate possible, I changed my measurement preferences to millimeters.   Then, I actually measured my phone & came up with 123mm x 58mm.   Open the Scale window, deselect “Lock Aspect Ratio”, and size your phone template to the exact size of your phone.

Bring in the picture you want to use — Remember, File — Merge.  The picture will probably come in HUGE – so simply scale it down to at least fit on your workspace.  Then place it over the phone template.  Because you brought the picture in 2nd, it will be on top of the template.  So, right click & “Send to Back”.   (You can also use the icons at the bottom of your workspace).    This is my youngest grandson, Nixon — in the outfit I made for his baptism!

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.45.22 PM

At this point, you simply have to play around with the size & position of your picture, to be sure its fitting in the template the way you want.  Once you have done that, select both the template & the picture.  Open the Modify window & select Crop — Voila!!  Now, when you do this, the cut lines disappear.  So, you must go to the Cut Settings window & click on “Cut”.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.49.16 PM

So, now you are ready to cut — but we’re going to explore that tomorrow in Part 2 – to discuss what happens when you receive the dreaded “Registration Failed” message!!   Stay tuned!

Be sure to save your phone template file!!   You can now cut & change out your phone case as often as you’d like!!!   Fill it with patterns from the Silhouette Store, change it for the seasons — whatever you’d like!


Cameo 2 day Retreat rev

I regularly receive emails & message asking me to come to different parts of the country for retreats — so today, I wanted to share 2 upcoming events in areas that I’ve never been before!  Next month, I will be holding a 2 day Silhouette retreat at Fabrics Etc. 2 in the Chicago area. , and a 2 day event at Creative Sewing Machine Center in Columbia, SC!     If you live anywhere near either one of these places, I would love to have you join us!  Contact the corresponding stores for more information or to register!   I really love to meet so many of you in person!   Last weekend, at the Appliqué Getaway in Ft. Worth, it was awesome to put faces with names of many of you!    Since our All Things Silhouette Conference in November is currently sold out and on a wait list status, these events are an opportunity for you to take part in some Silhouette classes!   Hope to see you there!

See you tomorrow — for Part 2 of our Personalized Phone Case — Hugs, Terri

PS – Did you notice that my last 4 pictures didn’t have the Print & Cut settings on them?  🙁   That’s because I forgot to Merge my files instead of Opening!   So, instead of retaking all of the photos — I’m using it as a teaching moment!   Remember to merge!!

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  1. I am so glad you posted this about the Chicago class!! I’m so glad they still had space in the class.

  2. I bought clear case and then did all this but also used a transparency so that I can change my image when ever I like. Then I don’t have to by a new case.