Organizing Your Silhouette Design Library

How to organize

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly downloading images & studio files that I find & think I will want to cut someday!  But, unfortunately, I download them – and when I want to use them — I can’t find them!  Or I forgot that I had them!   This applies to both images I find on the internet, and ones I purchase from the Design Store!  So, today, I’m going to share with you how easy it is to organize your Silhouette Design Library!

I’m working on a Mac — but it will work exactly the same with a Windows PC Operating System!  First, you want to create the folders that you want to use.  Open Silhouette Studio & click on the Design Library icon. Select the “My Library” icon — then right click.  A “New Folder” box will pop up.  Type in there what you’d like to name your folder — then click enter.   The new folder is created!

Create New Folder

Create New Folder

However, you can organize even further!  For example, I created a file called “Seasons”.  When I select that file, I can add additional files — Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.18.32 AM

In order to find those designs, I type “Winter” in the Search bar at the top of the page.  Search Results for “Winter” appear!  Now, its simply a matter of dragging my files from the “Recent Downloads” to the appropriate folder!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.33.10 AM


Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.33.18 AM

Now, the really cool thing is that it doesn’t have to be a Studio format file!  It can be a jpg, png, or svg and pdf if you own Designer Edition!  So, if you have purchased files from Etsy or clip-art sites — or downloaded some freebies — its easy to organize those as well.

Here’s an example of some cute designs I purchased – -“Sea Animals for Boys” — they are jpg files.  So, under the “Beach” folder in my Library, I added this folder.  Then, I opened the Finder Window on my Mac (Explorer on a PC), and found the files in my Downloads.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.20.11 AM


Then, holding down the shift key, I selected all of the files & just dragged them over to the file in the Silhouette Library!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.20.40 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.20.58 AM

And here they are!  Now, all I have to do is double click & they appear on my Workspace!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.21.38 AM

Its awesome!  And this applies to pattern images as well!  I’ve been downloading background images from the internet (both purchased & free) that I can fill my patterns with, and adding them to my Pattern Library!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.48.39 AM

So there you have it!  Go through your Download folder & begin organizing those files!!  You will probably discover some really cute things that you totally forgot you had!


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Until next time – Hugs, Terri

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  1. Kathy Bruer says

    I would love to know where you got those cute sea creatures. They are adorable.

  2. Terri thanks so much for sharing this great info.
    Blessings Jocelan

  3. Becky Upton says

    This is great info that I really needed….I didn’t even realize I could add the millions of downloaded designs to my library…so this is awesome. It seems that I have heard that you cannot back up your Silhouette Library on to and external drive. Is that correct? I would hate to lose my designs. Thanks. Becky

    • Becky — So glad you found this helpful! I was pretty excited too, when I realized that I could drag not only .studio files into my library — but jpg, png, and svg flies that I wanted to cut! However, yoU CAN export your library to an external hard drive. Its easy — just go to the top menu bar — Click File, Library & then Export Library! Here’s a pic on my Facebook page —

  4. I have always organized my embroidery files by the name of who I bought them or downloaded them from. It works well for remembering where I got them, but inside these folders they could be anything from fish to lace! I am completely overwhelmed with these files as I have been collecting them for about 16 years. Some of them are not even unzipped!!! I keep buying and downloading, but I will not live long enough to use all of these files….. Sound familiar???

    • Sounds very familiar!! I am starting to be the same way with downloaded files for the Silhouette! Doing this system helps me to be able to find things! Hope it helps! Terri

  5. April Valentine says

    Hi, I use a Mac too but I don’t have any way to “right click” since I have a touch pad. I have been trying for days to figure out how to create new folders and even your tutorial doesn’t help.

  6. I’m wondering if you know how to fix folders that get moved to sub-folders. I tend to somehow move my folders around and I have yet to figure out how to move them back to where they started. My Christmas and Winter folder is a sub-folder to my Cards folder and those are now subs to my Banners folder – and it’s driving me crazy. I’m sure there must be an easy way to correct this, I just haven’t found the trick.

  7. Hi,
    I use a PC so I am not sure you can answer this. If I go to the trouble to put all my files into folders, then I want to export them all to a usb drive, will they still be in folders when I put them on my other computer?

  8. Hello. 🙂 If I add files to my Silhouette library, can I then delete the files from my computer and they’d still be in my library?

    Thank you. 🙂