Getting Started with Curio – -Score & Emboss

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 4.23.07 PMI know that there are many of you who are receiving (or have received) your Silhouette Curio in recent days!  I know because of what I’e seen online & because I shipped out a van load of them yesterday, so people are beginning to open the boxes and play!  In so many of my retreats, I hear time & time again about how a Cameo sat in a box for months before it was ever used or touched!  We don’t want that to be the case with your Curio – -so here are a few tips for new owners — or owners that might be thinking about a purchase in the near future of the Silhouette Cameo.

First — there is a new update of software – other than the CD that came in the Box.   Silhouette has issued a software update that is even newer than what comes on the CD in the box — So, just go to this site & download and install the software from there.   Otherwise, you will be missing some key “ingredients” in the software.   The most recent version is 3.4.436 and was released on August 13, 2015.

Once you’ve updated your software, in order to activate these new features, you must be connected to your Curio & the machine turned on.   Otherwise, the new features of the Curio will be greyed out.

Next — Setting up your Design Page —Assuming that you are a Cameo or Portrait owner, as well as a Curio owner – -you now have to select the page settings for whichever machine you are using.  Chances are, the Curio page settings will automatically appear when you plug in your Curio – -however, if they don’t — or when you are switching back from using the Cameo – -here is what you need to do:

Open the Design Page Settings – -and select the Page Size for Curio – and Curio Emboss Mat (if you are embossing) or Curio Cutting Mat (if you are cutting.)   I also checked the show cut border, just to let me know what my boundaries are.

Design Page Settings for Curio

Design Page Settings for Curio

Score & Emboss – There are many, many options for creating with the Curio — but to get you started, today’s post is going to just feature Score & Emboss.  So, if I wanted to emboss this text, “Happy Birthday” — I would prepare the text so that it was just like I wanted.  Then, open the Emboss Window.  Select the Score & Emboss tab – and I like the thin fine tip for embossing.

Score and Emboss


Finally — Click on the Score & Emboss Options — and I like to select 2 passes.  This will depend on what material you are embossing — but play around &see what you like best.  Then, with your text or design selected, click on Apply Score & Emboss Lines.  You will see blue & red lines appear on your text or design.

You will notice that the software indicates that the red lines are for scoring (regular blade) and the blue lines are for the embossing (embossing tip.)

Score & Emboss Options


At this point, click on Adjust Cut Settings,  and a new window will open.  For Tool 1 (red circle), you will select the Score Option.  This is the regular ratchet blade at a setting of 1.  Then select Tool 2 (blue circle) and that will be the fine Embossing tip.  Notice also, that this is where the software tells you the recommended Platform settings.   Adjust Cut Settings


Your Curio comes with 3 different platforms — They are marked 1 and 2.  This indicates the depth of the platform.  So, for embossing, the software recommends a depth of 5 — which would be two of the #2 platforms and the embossing mat.  (Both the cutting & embossing mats are a thickness of 1) — which totals 5.

Now you are ready to Send to Silhouette — but take note!  Because you are embossing, the software knows that you should be working from the back side of your material.    So, the little F here is backward, to indicate that you should place your material right side down on the embossing mat!  Be sure to do that!

Send to SilhouetteAt that point, your Curio will begin to do its thing!  First it will score with the regular ratchet blade, and then it will emboss the text!   Play around & try different papers, vellum, settings, etc.  There is a little learning curve — but its fun!!

I will be posting more Curio tutorials in days to come — so be sure to subscribe to the blog post & watch for upcoming posts.   Hope this helps you get started with your new Curio —

Until next time, Hugs, Terri

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  1. Thank you for the Advice!! I will be getting mine on Tuesday..So for today im doing NOTHING BUT CLEANING. Cause i know i will be playing the rest of the week with it. I havent yet found a FB group for Curio so i created one. Its very new. So please come in and join!! I cant wait to see what people are coming up with ideas!!!

  2. Libby Dudding says

    I set up (I believe exactly as you said) but it only would emboss and not score. What am I doing wrong.

  3. Mandy Pannack says

    Hi. Im in South Africa. Have had my Curio since mid September and am ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT.