Top 3 Things I Love About the Curio – -So Far!


Have you heard?  Its National Curio Week!!  And it couldn’t be more fitting that I received my Curio this week!  So, when I finally had a full day to play & explore – -can I tell you – -I’m in LOVE!!  This amazing new machine is not a replacement for your Cameo — but a wonderful compliment!   The hard base allows you to do emboss, etch, stipple & many other things!  And the software update has some awesome new features – that you will love!  However, I’m just going to share with you today the Top 3 Things I love About the Curio – at least so far!

#1 The Emboss Feature – To be honest — I’ve only had the 2 emboss tools that came with the Curio (and of course, the regular cutting blade) – and Sketch pens to work with.  So, I cannot speak to the etch, deep cut or stipple tools yet — They will be coming soon.   But so far, I love the Emboss & Deboss feature!  You can use this tool on either side of your media!


#2 The Dual Carriage — So, the housing has the capacity to hold 2 tools — whether cutting blade, embossing tip, sketch pen & more.  With the Advanced Cut Settings in the software, you can select your two different tools & assign different tasks to each tool!   So, you can Cut and Emboss; Sketch and Deboss; Sketch with two colors – -and so on and so on!!!   And, if you have 4 tasks to complete in a project, you can simply stop between functions to switch out tools!  Love it!


#3 The Software Upgrade — There are a lot of new effects in the software that can give you unlimited looks.   The very best (so far) is the capability to filling your fonts & designs to be sketched with the sketch pens!   So, instead of just an outline — you will be able to fill in your text.

The software update comes with the Curio, and there will be a software release on the Silhouette America website soon — so you will be able to download it from their site.  However, the new features will be greyed out, unless you are connected to a Curio.  So, even if you download the software, you will not be able to access the Curio features, without having a Curio.


I can’t sign off without telling you one more thing that I love – -(I know, that’s 4) – -But its the little storage holders for the tools — 4 handy spaces to store all of the different tools that you will be using!  Keep them right at hand!


I know there will be more — I am only scratching the surface!  Just like with my Silhouette Cameo – I learn more about it & new ideas every time I turn it on!  I’ve really only had one day to play so far, but I know that everyone is anxious to know about the new “baby”!

If you want to have one of these in your Studio as soon as possible — click here to pre-order.  My Silhouette rep told me today that they are shipping!  So, it will be just a few days before I receive them & your very own Curio can be on its way to you!!   I have a few still available from this original order – -when those are sold, I will order again!    Don’t miss out on being one of the first to own this awesome, new machine!  To learn even more about it, visit the Silhouette America blog!

Hope I’ve peaked your interest & excitement about the new Curio — You are going to love it!  Can’t wait until the new accessories are available & we can go even farther!  Silhouette Rocks!

Until next time – Hugs, Terri

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  1. I can’t wait to get one.
    Thanks for the info.
    Blessings Jocelan