Never Forget


September 11 is a day that no American will every forget.  We all have our perspectives & stories of where we were and how this day impacted us.  Those of us living the in Washington DC area had a unique perspective on the Pentagon attack.  We all know people who work there & go in and out of there daily.  Many of us know someone who was killed or injured that day.

It was a beautiful September morning here, just like it is today.  My husband was the Command Chaplain at Quantico Marine Corp base at the time.  He ran home to change uniforms & went straight to the Pentagon to assist — He was basically gone all night.  The city came to an eerie standstill – Interstate-95 was empty and cell phone service was unavailable.   My youngest daughter in college near several military bases,  was sequestered in her dorm, as no one knew if another military facility would be attacked.  No one knew what was going on.


As we all reflect on that day, with all of its memories & emotions –  let us also not forget those who were lost & the great spirit of Americans.  Who rushed in to assist, without thought to their own safety.  Who gathered to volunteer & provide any assistance they could;  to pray & to encourage.  Who volunteered in the military to go and fight evil on foreign soil.  This is an amazing country.  With people of an amazing spirit.  So today, as we pause to remember those lives that were lost, and the heroics of those who rushed in – let’s also take a minute to pray – for the families of those that were lost – for our country and its leaders – and to thank God that we are Americans.

9 11 flag


Remembering today — Until next time, Terri



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  1. Charlie Massey says


  2. Debi Farrell says

    Very well said. I couldn’t agree more. We must never forget what happened that day or the innocent lives taken.

  3. So very well said, Terri. Thanks.

  4. Great post! Thanks for sharing! I was attending the largest craft show in the Southeast here in Stone Mountain, near Atlanta today and when the band played the national anthem, it brought tears to my eyes!

    • Thanks — I was very emotional, too – -remembering the events of that day. I actually drove by the Pentagon this morning during the time the plane hit – and there was a ceremony. It all seemed surreal!

  5. Thank you, Terrie

  6. Victoria Wilson says

    Beautifully said Terri. Each year in Grapevine Texas, they have a ceremony at the 9/11 Crew Memorial. It brings back so many memories – some bad – most good. The country came together like never before and never since. The sad thing is the health issues people are suffering from that tragic day. God bless our first responders, the ordinary people who jumped in to help, our military, and the people who lost loved ones then and since.

  7. Well said!
    God Bless America.