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Birthday boy

My oldest grandson, Noah, turns 4 this week!  Hard to believe he’s growing up so fast!   I wanted to make a cute shirt for him to wear to pre-school this week (when he takes cupcakes) and at his party.    We are a pretty big baseball family (Go Cubs!) and so I thought this little shirt was very appropriate!

I used 3 free fonts from DaFont to create the shirt; Varsity, Athletic, and Branboll.   If you don’t have these fonts installed on your computer, visit the links above to download & install them.  (If you aren’t sure how to do this, here’s a little YouTube video I made that gives you some help!)

Once you have these fonts installed, you must re-open Silhouette Studio,  so that they will show up in your list of fonts.

So, to create the “Birthday Boy” with Noah’s name in it — I simply selected the Brannboll font, clicked in the workspace & typed Birthday Boy.  Now, to add the “swash” below his name, you use the number keys — Depending on how long you want the swash and how long the name is, will determine which number you use.  So, for example, I typed Birthday Boy9 to get this length of the swash.  (I’ve colored this in to make it a little easier to see.)

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.14.56 PM

Now, you will notice that where the letters overlap one another, there are cut lines.  So, we need to weld the text together in order to eliminate those.  However, before we do, I want to do a little editing & add Noah’s name.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.16.29 PM

You will notice that the swash overlaps the “y” in birthday.  I would like it to be a little larger, not overlapping the y, and add Noah’s name.   So, I select the text, click “Object” in the Top menu bar, scroll down and Ungroup.  At this point, each component of the text is separated, and I can move the swash away from the letters.  So, I enlarged it a little & rotated it, and then placed it so it is overlapping the tail of the “y” — but not covering the letter.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.21.13 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.22.23 PM

In order to eliminate all of those overlaps – -(so that I don’t cut little chunks out of my letters where it overlaps,) simply select all of your text –>Click on the Modify window –> and select Weld.   All of the overlaps disappear, and the text is “welded” into one.   You will also notice that in “ungroups” the text.  So, with it all still selected, I group them back together.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.32.45 PM

At this point, I want to add Noah’s name to the swash.  So, I simply select Brannboll again and type the word Noah.   The letters overlap like above, so I simple Weld the text together to get rid of the overlaps.   Then size the name & place it inside the swash.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.48.22 PM

Next, I just typed a 4 (use any font that you like) — and placed it on the mat to be cut, too.   For the back of the shirt – I just typed the last name using the font Athletic, and the letter 4 using the font Varsity.   I placed all of the text on the cutting mat.  (I put the red 4 at the bottom because I’m cutting everything else out of blue & the 4 out of red.  This is where I plan to place the HTV on the mat.)

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.54.25 PM

And because I am cutting Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl, (its cut from the back side) — I mirrored the text horizontally.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.54.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.57.32 PM

Now your file is ready to Send to Silhouette.  Be sure to select the Heat Transfer Vinyl (smooth) settings & adjust your blade.  I placed both the blue & red Siser EasyWeed on the mat at the same time to only have one pass when I cut!  Remember — shiny side down!

Once your HTV is cut, weed out the excess & you are ready to head to either your heat press or iron!   On the front, because I layered the red 4 over the text — I only pressed a few seconds on the blue text the first time, and then layered the 4 down, replaced the teflon press sheet & pressed for the full amount of time.  If you are unsure of what heat settings to use — or how long to press — you need this awesome FREE App from SiserNA! Download it free & have all the info you need right at your fingertips whenever you need it!

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.04.28 PM

Now — go forth & create something personalized!   Until next time — Hugs, Terri

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  1. Nikki Hoffman says

    What an excellent tutorial, Terri! Thanks for making it look so easy!

  2. Peggy Dilbone says

    Hi Terri, That was a great post! Want to make them for my Grandson’s too, but they are a little old for the Birthday Boy. Might just do their names.

    Thank you again for all your help in guiding me to retrieve all my designs. It was so easy, once I got on the right track!

    • Thanks, Peggy! I love doing things for my boys — since we can’t do heirloom sewing for them — right?? Glad you liked it & found it helpful! Terri

  3. Very cute! Where did you get the t-shirt?

    • Thanks, Becky — I got the shirt @ Old Navy! I watch when they go on sale & buy assorted sizes and colors for my grandsons. They hold up well & are pretty inexpensive!

  4. Thanks fir the great tutorial – it wS so clear and easy to follow.