Cutting Machine Embroidery Appliqué with the NEW Designer Edition Plus!



This is it!!  This upgrade to the Silhouette Software is what machine embroiderers who own Cameos have been waiting for!!!  The new Designer Edition Plus!   This upgrade to the software allows you to open your embroidery design in Silhouette Studio & cut directly from there!  I have been working with a beta test version — but the full upgrade is to be released on Monday, October 19th.   More about how you can buy & download in just a minute — but here is a sneak peek at what you can do!

Open your embroidery design into the Studio workspace like you would any other design.  Like I said, I’m working with a beta version – so I found the the .dst embroidery format worked the best.   Most designers include that format in their design.   This is an appliqué design that is from Kimberbell Embroidery Designs. , Halloween Vol. 1

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.35.50 AM

Next, I isolated the placement stitch (the first color stop of each appliqué).    This isn’t a tutorial, as I’m waiting on the final version – but just a little sneak peek.  Full tutorials will come later!

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 4.21.46 PM

Then you simply select your Cut settings for fabric & send to Silhouette!   I pretreated my fabric with Terial Magic (for more info on this – click here); and fused Heat n Bond lite to the wrong side of the fabric — then placed in on my mat to cut!    The Terial Magic makes the fabric stiff, like paper – -until its washed.  I did move the appliqué parts around in the workspace, so I could cut all of the pieces in one pass.




You can see here how beautifully the fabric cut – and sized perfectly!  No sizing or adjusting anything.

FullSizeRender 8

Now all that’s left to do is go to the embroidery machine & stitch.   First the placement line stitches out, then I remove the hoop & lightly fuse the appliqué in place.  See how perfectly it fits!   I LOVE IT!   This makes cutting your embroidery designs in Silhouette so easy!  No need for SVG files or additional embroidery software!



You simply repeat this process with each appliqué piece & then return to the machine to finish the appliqué stitching!  That’s it!



FullSizeRender 7

So — I know the next question you are going to ask is HOW do I get this upgrade????   Here’s how it works.  Silhouette Studio will now have 4 Levels —

– Basic Silhouette Studio – Free
– Designer Edition – $49.99
– Designer Edition Business – $99.99
You will need Designer Edition Plus in order to open your embroidery designs.  If you already own Designer Edition – the upgrade to Plus is only $24.99
I have the download codes for both the $24.99 upgrade from Designer Edition to Designer Edition Plus, as well as the full Designer Edition Plus for $75 — both for sale on my website.   If you purchase this from me –then I will email you the code & you can then download the update from the Silhouette site & begin using this software!  Its awesome.   Just remember, the codes that I send you will not be activated until Monday, the 19th.
Again, here’s how it works: 
If you already own the Designer Edition and purchase the $24.99 upgrade to Designer Plus, you will need to simply update your software on October 19th and then enter the upgrade code that I will send to you, to unlock those features.
If you already own Designer Edition, the upgrade to the Plus version is only $25.   If you already own Business Edition – then its free!
If you already own the Business Edition, you will simply need to update your software on October 19th and the features of Designer Edition Plus will be available. Any higher version of Studio software will come with any features that are unlocked from lower versions.
If you already own Designer Edition, the upgrade to the Plus version is only $25.   If you already own Business Edition – then its free!
I have the download codes for both the $25 upgrade from Designer Edition to Designer Edition Plus, as well as the full Designer Edition Plus for $75 — both for sale on my website.   If you purchase this from me –then I will email you the code & you can then download the update from the Silhouette site & begin using this software!  Its awesome.   Just remember, the codes that I send you will not be activated until Monday, the 19th.
 I am so excited about this new feature in the Silhouette Software Family!  I have been asking for this feature for years – and so appreciate that Silhouette listens!   What a great price for this capability in our software – that opens up all kinds of new possibilities!   And plenty of new projects & tutorials to come!
If you have any questions, you can ask them here in the comments – or shoot me an email at!!
Until next time — Hugs, Terri


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  1. Will this software only work with dst format? How about pes?

    • Lynette — Like I said in the post, I was working with a beta version – -so there are some bugs. It should work with PES — but I found some bugs when I opened the PES files. I’ve reported that to the developers and they are working on it. So, I just used DST and it worked great. Most designers include DST as it is a professional format. Plus, you can always convert your PES to DST in your embroidery software. Hope this helps!

      • Judy Howell says

        I was about to download the Plus software. I own the Designer Edition software. I saw that it does not support HUS files. Bummer. Can you bring in your appliqué file in say PES or another supported file then use it as a HUS file. I am confused. Please help me to understand how I might be able to use this new software.

        • Judy — I have a feeling that the software developers are working on the HUS format & it will be available in a future version. But in the mean time you can use other versions. When you purchase designs, the usually come in a variety of formats — so simply select DST & open and cut like I explain in the most recent post:

          Or — if you don’t have multiple formats, you can open the HUS in your embroidery software & save it as PES or another format.

  2. Hurrah!! It has really been a trial to make the adjustments to cut appliques. I’m so glad that you pushed for this. Too bad I’m headed out of town for a week. I’m sure that I will be anxious to return home to PLAY. YEA! Thanks Terri.

  3. Glenda Pryor says

    I have a small Etsy business making infant and children’s applique shirts, this may work great to pre-cut the applique pieces (and speed up my process) since that is the most time consuming part of designing a shirt! I think I may love this! I use VP3, but can convert any format with my software. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I am so excited about this Terri! Can’t wait to play. I have some Halloween and fall appliques I want to do so this is just in the nick of time! Yippee!


  5. I believe that you said this update is free for the Business Edition. Do you have an upgrade code for the Business Edition? I have been thinking about updating and now it looks like there is more benefits to it. I just wondered if you have an upgrade code that I could purchase from you or should I just do it on the Silhouette site.

  6. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I read this. YIPPEE!! Thank you for taking time to tell us about it. Please when you hear more information, share. Have a great weekend!

  7. I have been using the Silhouette software with my Wishblade. I had heard with previous Silhouette updates, I would no longer be able to use the software with the Wishblade. Is that true? If not, and I’m still able to use this software with my Wishblade, I’ll be purchasing the upgrade.

    • Hi, Janet — How are you using the Silhouette Software with the Wishblade? Will it cut .studio files? I really don’t know the answer to this question, but I will do some investigating & see if I can find out the answer! Thanks

      • I have no idea. I guess the software recognizes it. I just hate to waste a perfectly good cutter due to a lack of software to run it. if you find out, will you let me know.

  8. Hooray! The main reason I bought the Silhouette vs. another brand was to cut fabric for quilting. Am so happy this is being released before the conference. Am still a newbie.
    Thanks for being persistent.

  9. Navymama04 says

    Thanks for your blog post! I have been looking forward to this for a long time! It will save me so much time and the extra steps 🙂 I can hardly wait to try it out tomorrow! BTW, your latest projects are super cute. I’m really loving the Terial Magic tip too.

  10. Barb Scharf says

    This is AWESOME Terri! You mentioned that PES can be converted to DST through the software. I have come a long way BUT, can I do this through BES Lettering and if so how? And I can use DST with Brother machines? Or should I wait a bit download hoping the bugs will be worked out soon. Do you have a timeline on that by chance?

    • Barb — Good news on both fronts. Your Brother machines will read DST with no problem. Or yes, you can convert your files in BES Lettering. And the bugs are just about finished. I’ve been in communication with the software developers. They have identified the issue, are working on it & will let me know when its is ready!

  11. Angie Lutes says

    How were you able to move the different elements of the embroidery design around to cut the different fabrics at the same time?

  12. Diane Taylor says

    I have the Business Edition and was wondering how do I get the codes. I went to the software to update and it said no updates at this time. I am not sure if I understand what I am suppose to do to get the update.
    Thanks , Diane

  13. Fran Whitehead says

    Where is the update?? I have the Business Edition so it should be free for me, but I can not find it…
    See you in 2 weeks.

  14. Another question- will new software automatically add offset to applique pieces so they will get caught in tack down and satin finish stitch?

    • Lynette — No, if you want to increase the size, I would recommend an offset in the studio software. My letters fit perfectly, and the takedown zig-zag and satin stick caught on the fabric just fine!

  15. Terry
    When can we expect your first tutorial? Can’t wait to get started

  16. Linda Miller says

    Hello Terri, so glad that a friend steered me your way! I just purchased the Plus for my Silhouette software. Was able to open the .DST, .PES & .EXP files with it. But, being a newbie, I’m not sure on how to isolate the tack down stitch in the software. I can do it the original way, in my embroidery software, but would like to know how to do this in the SIL software. I spoke to Silhouette today because my activation code would not work. She told me that I had to go to the website and download the latest update. The latest update came out yesterday. A tutorial is being worked on.
    This is the main reason that I purchased this machine!
    Thanks for all that you are doing to educate us!

    • Linda — Glad you got it all working. I’m going to have a blog post soon with more information on how to isolate the placement stitch in your software! Thanks for being patient!

  17. Susan Dugan says

    Hi Terri,
    I purchased the Upgrade version from you yesterday. Any idea when I will receive the link? (Sorry, I’m anxious in case you can’t tell 🙂 Thanks)

  18. I just completed my first sample which took me a very long time. Finally, worked beautifully. Had to use DST. Love the Plus. Followed the directions to download with no luck. Called customer support and Karen was super to walk me through the process. Went to my download section and there it was. Looking forward to more blogs. Thank you!

  19. Hi Terri – Bought my Silhouette Cameo from you at the Applique Getaway and have had so much fun with it. Would it be correct to say I can open any embroidery design and do my cuts on vinyl too? Sounds like it – and heaven knows, I have hundreds of those!

    • Hi! So glad you are enjoying your Cameo! To answer your question – technically yes — BUT — when you open your designs, you will see that it brings in every stitch — so you don’t want to cut that! It works best for appliqué designs — and I’m thinking designs with an outline. But I haven’t played with that yet! Have a new tutorial video up today — so check it out. More will be coming!

  20. I was so excited to try this and my program tells me it isn’t a supported file type! It shows only graphic files as supported. Help! (I have the business edition)

    • Jessica — be sure that you are running the most current version of software — which at this point, is 3.6.48. If not, then go to the Silhouette America site & download it. This should fix your problem!

  21. Hi! First of all many thanks for your all the information; I have a silhouette cameo and a Brother Machine.
    I am really interested to understand all the step that I have to follow to use your fantastic system.
    I am sorry, maybe a look “stupid” but I don’t get the point : everything is ok for me on the side of cameo (cut the fabric etc). The problem start when you show the picture of the embroidery machine (the first B). What are you using (I mean the same pattern that you use to cut the fabric in cameo or what?). It is really important for me to understand if from cameo I can save a file with the extension for the embroidery machine than put the card to my Brother and get the draw from it. Many thanks and sorry. I remain Ombretta

    • Hi! No stupid question – and I’m happy to try and answer! The design that is being used is actually a machine embroidery design – Not a Silhouette Studio Cut file. You cannot save a Studio design and save it as an embroidery format that your Brother machine can use. (I wish!) But, this would have to be done in your machine embroidery software. So, you would have to have an embroidery design from another source! Hope this helps, Terri

  22. Cheri Duffey says

    Hi Terri,
    Thank you so much for your blog on download!! Everything went great! What settings do you recommend for cutting fabric with the Silhouette?


  23. Hi Terri, I bought the Silhouette upgrade from your site to cut fabric files for applique in October. The blog post says there will be tutorials and this was just a “sneak peek”. I also saw a short post saying tutorial on cutting fabric part 1. Has there been a tutorial on using the new upgrade to cut fabric files? I did a quick search and haven’t found it. I bought the upgrade recommended, but have been waiting for a tutorial and info specific to cutting the fabric files for the upgrade. Please advise. The short little video with the airplane in October was helpful, but it does say it is a short part 1. I’m specifically hoping you’ll share if we need to offset the file and if so how much exactly and what backing or stabilizer to use on the fabric on the Cameo mat. The airplane video says to just use the tack down stitch. Don’t we need it a bit bigger than the tack down stitch to hold it in place? Thanks for your help. Looking forward to more tutorials and info on this upgrade.

  24. Terri,

    Do you have a final tutorial on this yet? I’m about to do this for the first time and was hoping for a step by step 🙂



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