How to Cut Embroidery Applique in Designer Edition Plus – part 1

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So this popped up in my email in-box this morning!  I guess I was a little ahead of the game — but I have been so excited about this new development for Silhouette Studio!  And based on the number of Upgrade codes that you’ve been buying – -you are too!   But, many of you have written asking how to use it now!

You asked — I deliver!   This is a short, “down & dirty” tutorial on how to open & cut your embroidery design in the new Designer Plus!  With All Things Silhouette Conference only 2 weeks from today – – I am totally swamped!!  And a little stressed & totally excited!   But, I wanted to get this information out to everyone so you could begin using it!  The quickest way was to do a little You Tube Tutorial.    So no pics or long text — but I think this video will explain it well!

Links that I mention in the video –

*Click here to purchase the Full Version of Designer Edition Plus – $74.99

*Click here to purchase the upgrade from Designer Edition to Plus – $24.99

*Blog with info on installing DE Plus

*Blog with info on stabilizing fabric

*Airplane designs from Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Hope you found this helpful!  If so, share it with your machine embroidery friends!   And this post is called “Part 1” — because I am going to have more tutorials showing how to open multiple pieced designs & more!

I know today’s post is short — but lots to do & I think it gets the message across!  Just leave a comment if you have a question or email me at — I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Until next time — Terri

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  1. Karen Misner says

    Hi Terri – is DST the only format DE Plus will open?

  2. HI Terri, thanks for the video! The second method seems easier to me. Do you know if they are planning on adding other embroidery formats?


    • MaryJo – You are welcome. The Cut By Layers method is what I like, too — but that can be confusing for some people. I believe they are working on other formats, but can’t say for 100% certain. Currently, the software will open (PES, DST, EXP, JEF, and XXX) I know that a lot of people want ART and HUS — so I will pass that on to the software developers! Thanks

    • Great post, Terri!

      I manage the software team, and we have actively been working on about 10 different formats, including ART and HUS, however, those two, in particular, are proving to be quite complex. Additionally, we do not have the green light from Bernina to offer that format, I’m afraid. However, I believe Bernina readily offers a conversion tool to get your file into PES and other formats.

      As an aside, I’d like to thank Terri publicly for the time she has invested in giving pointed, detailed feedback that our software team can use. DE Plus will only continue to improve, so it will be well worth the investment!

      • Thanks so much, Tony! I really appreciate your comments & feedback on the post!! Thanks so much for all the work you do on this project, and for the information on HUS and ART!!

  3. Great video Terri! Very informative as always. I need to upgrade my Silouette software as soon as I get back home. ?

  4. You’re most welcome! You mentioned you’d post some links in your video but I don’t see them. Where is the link to purchase the Silhouette upgrade?

    • Bonnie — You are so right!! They are listed on my YouTube channel — but I didn’t have them here. I’ve now upgraded it to include all of the links! Thanks

      • Thanks! I’ll get my upgrade purchased and update my shared post to my FB fans. I know many there will want to see your video and maybe upgrade too. =)

  5. Thanks! I’ll update my “shared” post and go get my upgrade purchased asap. =)

  6. carole todd says

    hi terry
    I haven’t used my silhouette much but I do applique
    will it work if I put a cd in off a design I don’t have any in my computer
    thanks carole

  7. i haven’t tried cutting fabric for embroidery before, but I assumed you would need to cut your fabric slightly larger so that it gets stitched down by the tack down stitch.

    • Actually, it all depends on how your design is digitized. If the tack down & Satin stitches are wide enough and set equal parts on both the fabric & the appliqué — you won’t need to. But, you can offset it a little, if you want to be sure. I didn’t enlarge it at all in my sample — just cut the exact size.

  8. Shaeda Khan says

    Thanks so much Terri for this easy to follow tutorial. Tried and tested. Very very excited

  9. Terri,
    I just upgraded to the Business Edition. I am “sew” excited to be able to use my Silhouette to cut fabric in a much easier fashion than before the upgrade! I never could quite get the hang of it. Seems like it took more time to in the Cameo than just getting out the applique scissors and trimming the excess fabric like in a normal machine applique. However with the upgrade it looks like a breeze! I can’t wait to get started. Thank you for your fabulous tutorials!! They are a HUGE help!! Hope to make it to your retreats one of these days.

  10. Doris Alvarez says

    When you say offset, Terri, do you have a particular preference on how much you would offset and how do you know if the design is digitized wide enough?

    • Doris — I usually do it less than 1mm, when I offset. In terms of digitizing – you should always test a design, first – -and 3mm stitch width is what I look for.

  11. Sue Redgrift says

    Hi, I am in the UK. Having just bought my Silhouette Cameo I have immediately upgraded the software to Designer Edition. The upgrade code was good for three computers which was useful as I have the software on my main PC and Laptop. I guess I now need to upgrade from Designer Edition to Designer Edition Plus. My question is: Is this upgrade key (Plus) useful for both my main computer and laptop?

  12. Do you increase the size from the tack down so it is slightly larger and will be tacked down on the tack down step in the embroidery machine? Or is the satin stitch sufficient?

    • This all depends on your design & how it was digitized. You can offset a little bit (maybe 1mm) to give you some extra room, but if you have a 3mm satin stitch — you should be good!

  13. I love your tutorial but alas mine doesn’t seem to work as smoothly as yours does. I really wish I could get it to work correctly. My cut outs are fine but fit exactly within the tack downs each time. Have even used the tack down line to cut. I have been opening the pes version in Studio DE+ and thought it knew to ‘add’ a touch for the cut out. Do I need to try the DST to get the right sizing? Whenever I try to add to the overall size the cutout becomes distorted and is ruined bec I no longer fits correctly. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.