Day #2 of Christmas Crafting – Addressing Your Cards with Cameo

Addressing Cards with Silhouette Cameo
Yesterday, I shared with you about my Return Address stamp, created on the Silhouette Mint.  So, let’s move on to addressing our cards on the Cameo — I love this!

First, I open the Page Tools Window & size my workspace to the same size as my envelope — in this instance, its 5″ high x 7″ wide.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.25.39 AM

Next, select the Text tool, click in the workspace & type in your return address.  You’ll see a green box around the text — click on it so that you have the “select” boxes around the text.  At this point, you can size it — I used 36 pt.   You can also change to the font that you would like to use.  The font I used is LD Charming Bold font that I purchased in the Silhouette Store.   I like this one, because when you use the Silhouette Sketch pens, it looks like a single stoke – instead of an outline.  Remember, we are using the Silhouette Mint Stamp for the Return address.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.29.07 AM

At this point, stick your envelope onto your mat — and I LOVE the low tack adhesive mat from Silhouette!   This is great, so that the envelope doesn’t stick too much to the mat — and has NO sticky residue on the back when its removed!  Feed your mat into the Cameo & click on “Send to Silhouette”.   Now, your Cut Settings Window will open.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.32.47 AM
Select the “Silhouette Sketch Pens” – and the settings will automatically adjust for the pens!  You’ll notice the blade setting changes to Sketch Pen!    I am using the Chomas Adjustable Marker holder so that I can use my Zig Millennium Pen – point 05.  ( If you are using the Silhouette Sketch pens, simply drop them in the housing, lock them down & go.)  I chose red to co-ordinate with my stamp!   This is hard to show how to use the Marker Holder with pictures – -so I’ve made a little video for you!

Its so easy — and after the first envelope began “sketching” – I deleted the first recipient’s address & began typing in the next one!   (You can also copy & paste from your address book – -even faster).   So, when the first envelope was finished — the next one was ready to “send to Silhouette”.  I loved it!!

That’s it!  Your done!  Now, stick on your Christmas stamps – get them in the mail — and get to finishing up your gifts or wrapping!

Day #2 – Crafty Deal of the Day – I love using the Chomas Marker Holder to sketch & draw.  Gives me total flexibility when selecting the pens or markers I want to use!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post — Its a software tip that you won’t want to miss!  Until then —


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  1. Doris Alvarez says

    Great tutorial, Terri. I didn’t even know you could do something like this. Thanks for the instructions.

  2. Trina Flynn says

    I learned something new..Amazing how many projects and fun the Silhouette Cameo allows us to create! Thank you for this tutorial I will be adding to my bookmark list so I can try it 🙂