Day #7 – Custom Rhinestone Designs with Sketch Fonts

Using Sketch Fonts to Create Rhinestone Designs
I love bling – especially at Christmas!  But, I typically don’t wear rhinestone t-shirts or clothing!  So, I’m always looking for something to “bling up” with my Rhinestones!  So, today’s tutorial is going to show you how to create Custom Rhinestone Designs in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.    (You can cut rhinestone designs without Designer Edition, but they have to be pre-made designs — You cannot create your own without DE).    If you aren’t sure about upgrading to Designer Edition, here’s a chart that will show you the features over Studio Basic software that comes with your machine.

One of the features in Designer Edition is that you can convert any font or cut design into a Rhinestone design with just a couple clicks.  That being said — its doesn’t mean that they always look right — so there can be some “fiddling” that needs to be done.    Since Sketch Fonts are a single line font, they are fonts that convert the best into Rhinestone designs.

For today’s project, I used the Dresden Sketch Font that I purchased in the Silhouette Design store.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.01.49 PM

After installing the font, re-open the Studio software, and type Ho Ho Ho into the workspace, using the Dresden font.   I sized it up to a little over 5″ and adjusted the Character & Line Spacing, so that the text looked like what I wanted.  Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.58.19 AM

Once you’ve arranged the text the way that you want, Open the Rhinestone Window.    There are a lot of options in this window – -but when using a Sketch Font like this, you will want to select the Edge effect option.   (Since it is a single line font, there is nothing to fill).   You can also choose the size of stones that you want to use.  I’m using the 10ss size — which is the most popular & commonly used size of Rhinestones.    There is also the option to adjust the spacing between the rhinestones, but for this particular design – -when I clicked on the edge & 10ss option, the design looked fine.  There was no need to adjust.   You will also notice at the bottom of the window, the software gives you a total of the number of rhinestones you will need for the design.  Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.44.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.58.49 AM

If you’ve never cut Rhinestone flock before, I can just tell you that the pink flock from The Rhinestone World is my favorite one to use!  I use the default settings in the Studio software & it cuts perfectly every time.  Now, just to warn you, it usually doesn’t look like its cutting — but when you peel the flock back, you will see that it has cut perfectly.  (I do always recommend a Test Cut, though!)

Once the template is cut, pour a generous amount of the rhinestones onto the flock.  Use this “magic” Rhinestone Brush from TRW (The Rhinestone World) to flip the rhinestones into place!  Don’t ask me how this works, but using a gentle, circular motion — you can brush the rhinestones into the holes cut in the flock.   And (for the most part), they land right side up!   IMG_7330

If you have a stubborn, stray stone, simply use these awesome flat edge tweezers to flip the stone over, or replace a missing stone into the appropriate hole.


Once your stones are all in place, where you would like – simply place the Hot Fix Tape over your entire design & lift up the stones.  (This is NOT the same tape that you use for vinyl, as it has to be able to withstand the heat).   If you happen to miss a stone, simply use your tweezers to correct any problems.



Now place your tape with the stones on whatever you’d like to use & place a press sheet over the entire design/transfer tape.  I use a Teflon press sheet.  If you don’t have one, you can use a fabric press cloth.  Simply press your stones onto the fabric (or whatever you are putting them) with a Wool setting on your home iron for about 20 seconds.  This allows the glue on the back of the stones to melt & fuse into the fabric.    Now remove the transfer tape, turn your project over & press again from the back.  Just to be sure!

And now, this cute little wine bag is ready to fill & take to your party!!!

For a little more advanced technique, you can watch this video on how I layer 2 colors of rhinestones in one design!

And to learn even more about Rhinestones & your Silhouette –  join us at the All Things Silhouette Conference!  The folks from The Rhinestone World will be there, sharing all of their products & Lisa Potts, of TRW will be teaching classes for us!    Register between now & Christmas, and you will receive 5 additional door prize tickets — along with a chance to win a Silhouette Mint bundle!

Crafty Deal of the Day — The good folks at The Rhinestone World  sent me the supplies that I used in this tutorial today — but I just want to let you know that I’ve been using The Rhinestone World products for a long time!  They are definitely my favorite & in my opinion, work the best & make creating with rhinestones sooooo much easier!   If you want to get started using Rhinestones – -I highly recommend The Rhinestone World Crafters Starter Kit!  It has everything you need to star creating with Rhinestones!   And, if you don’t already own Designer Edition — there is an option for Designer Edition software discounted with the Kit!

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas Crafting & getting lots done — with time to spare & enjoy your family & friends!   Until next time — signature1000-2


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  1. Thank you for the tutorial Terri as I haven’t played with the Rhinestone kit yet.