Cutting Machine Embroidery Appliqué with Silhouette Designer Edition Plus – part 2

Machine Embroidery Appliqué with DE PlusSeveral months ago, Designer Edition Plus edition of Silhouette Studio was released!  And those of us that are machine embroiderers rejoiced!!!  Now, we could open machine embroidery designs in Silhouette Studio & easily cut appliqué files – with no tracing, no sizing etc!!!  But ever since, many of you have been asking for another tutorial on how to cut embroidery appliqué that has multiple pieces!  So, I decided making Easter shirts for my grandsons was a great time to do this tutorial & “kill two birds with one stone!”    Since this is a multiple step process, I decided the easiest way to show you was with a video!

Cutting Multipe Piece Applique with Silhouette from Terri Johnson on Vimeo.

Before cutting the fabric, it needs to be stabilized so that it can be cut on your Silhouette.  For instructions on how to do that, check out this tutorial on how to prepare your fabric.  However, do NOT use Heat n Bond Ultra when you are stitching your appliqué.  (That is for no-sew projects).  For machine embroidery appliqué, I fuse Heat n Bond lite to the back of all of my fabric, after treating it with Terial Magic spray.  Since I am cutting two shirts for my two littlest grandsons, I duplicated all of the pieces so that I could cut two sets of appliqué with one pass on the Silhouette!  (Be sure to save your cut files for the next time you use this design!  All you have to do is open it from your library & you will be ready to go!)

So, after the fabric is treated, I place it on my mat in the same location as the files are in the software.  Then send to Silhouette — Be sure to click on “Adjust Cut Settings” and select “Fabric – Thin Like Cotton”.



The fabric cuts cleanly & completely with one pass!  The blade is set on 3 for my machine – -but always do a Test Cut first!!






Now that the fabric is cut – its time to head to the embroidery machine.    Since this was a knit shirt, I stabilized it with a no show mesh fusible stabilizer, but use the appropriate stabilizer for whatever fabric you are stitching on     After stitching the first color stop (placement stitch), remove the embroidery hoop from the machine.  Using a small iron, fuse the appliqué fabric onto the shirt – being sure that all of the placement lines are covered.   Return the machine & continue stitching!




Continue this process with all of the fabric pieces.  Then finish stitching all of the final satin stitches & embellishments!



That’s it!  You are done!  No trimming in the hoop!!  I love it!!  This technique is especially helpful when you are cutting a complicated design with multiple pieces!  It can save so much time!  Again, be sure to save your cut files, and use the keywords that will help you find it easily the next time you want to cut it.  (For example – for this file, I would add Keywords – “Planet Appliqué”, Easter, Carrot, Machine Embroidery).

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Until next time — Hugs!


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How to Cut Machine Embroidery Appliqué in Designer Edition Plus

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  1. shelly grappe says

    Terry, As always clearly explained and demonstrated! thank you, shelly beth

  2. Great Video,
    What I have learned when you get extra lines in doing your offsets is there is a broken path (line). Double click your design to get your editing nodes like you did on the carrot leaves. You will see red dots everywhere there is a broken path. Fix the broken path then you can do the offset without having to remove the extra lines Another way to check is to select your shapes and fill each with color if they don’t fill with color then you have a broken path somewhere in your shapes.

  3. Tracy Zorn says

    Can you please tell me where I can get the Silhouette Designer Edition Plus upgrade because I don’t see anywhere that you can purchase it – apparently not even on their own website. Is it not available anymore?

  4. Shalon Cruz says

    Thanks for this! I really want to learn more about my Silhouette and fabric!

  5. Barbie Kenney says

    Great video and can’t wait to put it to use – I noticed it is labeled part 2 – where is part 1 and I do hope you have more lessons to tap into – please let me know where to find them!!!

    • Barbie — There is a part 1 — Just go to the search form in the right hand side bar and type in Fabric — You will see other tutorials pop up!

  6. Good tutorial! Thanks!

  7. Jodi Steltenpohl says

    I love being able to use my cameo to cut fabric for appliqué! Such a time saver!