Adding Purchased Images to Your Silhouette Library & FREE Printable Download

Import Purchased Designs Into Silhouette Studio Library

As soon as I saw this new Peony Watercolor bundle from the Hungry Jpeg — I knew I had to have it!

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 7.37.10 AM
I love peonies & these graphics are just beautiful!    As I was saving them into my Silhouette library — (because this is where I plan to use them), I realized that this might be something that you would like to know how to do.

Once you have downloaded these designs (or any purchase/download from the internet), open Silhouette Studio.  Open your Design Library.  I am working in my Cloud User account, because I have updated to the latest Cloud  Version of Studio.  However, you don’t have to be updated to add files this way.  It works the same in previous versions.

Right click on the “Library” icon, and you will see the drop down menu.  Select “New Folder”.  Type in the name you’d like to call it – Mine is Peonies.

Create New Folder in Silhouette Studio Library

Rename your folder

Now – open your Finder Window (on a Mac) or File Explorer (on a PC).   I keep it minimized, so that it can stay in the foreground of my Silhouette Library.   Double click on that folder to open it & show the files.

Locate your download folder

Now, you need to select all of the files that you want to add to your library.  There are two folders in this particular download, so double click on one of those folders to show the designs.  Now, click on the first one –>hold down your shift key on your keyboard –> and click the last one.  This will allow you to select all of the files.

Select all files

At this point, you simply drag them to the Folder you’ve created in your Silhouette Library, and they will copy over.   This may take a few minutes, so just be patient!  When you see them in your Library, repeat this process with the 2nd folder.

Loading Files to Silhouette Library

That’s it!  Now you’re done!  All of the files will be in your Folder and available to use in your Silhouette Studio software!   You now see a total of the 63 files that were added.

Peony files in Silhouette Library

The beauty of loading them it your Cloud folder is that they will be available to you on other devices (up to 5 devices) when you sync your Library on those devices.  However, remember that non Silhouette Design Store files (meaning ones like this, that you’ve purchase) do count against your total storage in the Cloud.  Everyone receives 1GB, and if you are a Silhouette Subscriber or Club Member, you receive 5GB.  Designs purchased in the Silhouette Design Store do not count against your total.

If you love these watercolor peonies like I do – -hop on over to The Hungry Jpeg & download today!!!  And as a added bonus, I’m sharing a free Printable File that I created with these Peonies & the Fabulous Script Font — also from the Hungry Jpeg.  This is a pdf file that you can download and print out – -to be used anyway you’d like!  Hope you enjoy!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.00.25 PM

To download the free Printable, click here.  

Until next time,

FYI:  Some of my posts may contain affiliate links. This means that if you purchase through my links, I receive a small commission.  You pay the same, but these fees help me keep my tutorials & freebies coming your way!

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  1. Mary Kehoe says

    Thanks, Terri, this was so helpful. After you copy the files to your folder in Silhouette, do you put the original download somewhere or just leave it where it is in finder?

    Congrats on your beautiful new grandbaby!


    • Thanks, Mary! Hope you are doing well. I usually just keep them in the downloads folder — but you could create a folder that was something like “Purchased Graphics” and organize your download folder.

  2. Ardelle Kanode says

    My file says it is an svg, but when I try to import it, or drag it in the folder as you explained, it says it is the wrong kind of file. I have Silhouette Studio Release 3.6.57ss and a Cameo. Thanks!