Exciting News – Terri Johnson Academy with Online Classes is Live!

Terri Johnson Academy Online Silhouette ClassesI’m very excited to officially announce my newest endeavorTerri Johnson Academy with Online Silhouette Classes!!  Some of you may know that I’ve been working on this for months & months — and we are finally ready to go live with these classes!      Literally, every single day I receive emails & messages from Silhouette users asking me to come to their area & teach classes.  They have purchased their Silhouette or received it for a gift – -and are afraid to take it out of the box!  Or, they’ve tried & are not being  successful.   Obviously, this just isn’t physically possible — and isn’t always possible for those Silhouette users to come to our events — so the idea of online classes was born!    And after months of designing, loading, recording & more — we are ready to launch our classes!

While there are just a few classes live right now — there are so many exciting projects to come!  First — if you sign up for the Academy newsletter (separate from the blog) – -then you will receive access to a free video overview of Silhouette Studio software — and be updated when new classes are posted!     This is just the beginning of our plans for Online learning!!    Awesome projects are just around the corner!

And I’m very pleased to announce that Melissa Viscount of Silhouette School blog is our first Guest Instructor with Print & Cut Like a Pro!  If anything causes issues for Silhouette Users, it is Print and Cut!  Melissa shares her secrets to successful Print & Cut Projects!    And more classes from Guest Instructors are coming soon!!  You will have the opportunity to take Online classes from the leaders in the Silhouette Industry!  And you will have access to these classes to watch over & over — as often as you’d like.    No waiting for CDs to arrive in your mailbox, – -and no limits to how often or when you can watch!

And as an introductory bonus – -If you sign up for the Academy Newsletter, you will receive a link a free Video Class on the Overview of Silhouette Studio Software!  I’ve posted a “Frequently Asked Questions” page to help answer some of your questions — so head on over to the site — set up your account & start watching!    And of course, let us know if you have any questions —

Until next time —



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  1. I want to learn all about rhinestones

  2. This is so exciting! Is there a link to the site that I’m missing?
    Thank you for all you do to help all of us love our silhouettes!

  3. Hi Terri – Are there tutorials that go along with the video classes? I live in a rural area and data usage is very expensive so I can’t use the videos plus the internet isn’t fast enough to view HD videos.


    • Cheryl — We are still working on getting those options up and running. Be sure to subscribe to the Academy newsletter to receive notification when other options are available.

  4. Pamela Graham says

    What if you have already signed up for your newsletter. Do you still get your class free?

    • Pamela – -Just to be sure — Have you signed up for the Academy newsletter? And not just the blog? They are 2 different things When you sign up for the Academy newsletter, you should have received an email with a code & link for the free class. If not, just email me at info.terrijohnsonacademy@gmail.com — ad I will get it straightened out! Thanks, Terri

  5. Spencer Livingston says

    What a fantastic training resource for any Silhouette User. Thanks Terri!!


  6. Susan herpy says

    Can’t wait. I am a learner that needs to see and see and see. I am so excited for this opportunity. Thanks

  7. Hi Terri, I also live in a rural area and it would cost me double your video price by the time I pay to download it once. I therefore second CherylW email, with an additional question: I can take my laptop to Starbucks, etc. where I could download the video classes if I could save them on my computer to use at home, but I down’t see anyway I can download and save the classes. Help


    • Judy — I certainly can understand. At this time, we don’t have that option. However, I will talk with the Academy website “gurus” and see what that would take! Be sure to subscribe to the Academy newsletter to receive notification if that becomes available. thanks, Terri

  8. MeMe ( Judy Dollar) says

    Terri ,
    This is just Heavenly news :).

    Hot Diggity Dog !
    Thank you and thank you to everyone involved .

  9. Ellen Neata says

    Terri I just watched your lesson the voice was not clear . What I understood was very helpful. Did I do something wrong? And did not get a free lesson .