Print & Cut – Its Not Just for Paper!

Print & Cut - Its Not Just for Paper!
We are on “Baby watch” at our house, as our oldest daughter is ready to deliver her 3rd baby boy!  In fact, today is her actual due date — so it could be any day!!  This “Mimi” is pretty excited and in the to create baby things!  My daughter asked that I “make them with Silhouette” instead of machine embroidery, because she doesn’t like how “scratchy” machine embroidery can be on the back.  Not good for a new little baby!

So, I turned to printable Heat Transfer Material.  The new “baby Daddy” is a wedding photographer, so I love to do things with Cameras.  I found this adorable Camera design from Echo Park,  in the Silhouette Design Store – and its a Print & Cut Design.  Camera Design from Echo Park

So, once the design was purchased & downloaded, I opened it in  Silhouette Studio.  All three of these cameras come grouped together, and I only wanted the blue one.  (It is a baby boy after all!)  And so I had to “Ungroup” the design.  To do this, simply right click, drop down & select “Ungroup”.  Once the cameras are ungrouped, you can delete the ones you don’t want.

Go into the Page Settings window & be sure to adjust your page settings to 8 1/2 x 11 or Letter – as that is the size media you are using.  Also, select show print border & cut border — to ensure that you are printing within those boundaries.

Page settings

Next, I sized the design to about 3″  wide, by just dragging the corner select boxes until it was the size I wanted.  Or you can open the Scale window – and adjust the Height & Width there.  Be sure to keep “Lock Aspect” ratio selected, and then click Apply.

Scaling Designs in Silhouette Studio

Now, since this is a Print & Cut design, you must add the Registration Marks to the page.  You can do this by opening the Registration Marks Window – -and selecting Type 1 (Cameo, Portrait, Curio).  But the easiest way is just using the keyboard shortcut “M”.  Just hit the “M” key on your keyboard & the registration marks will appear.    Finally, since we are applying this material face down, we need to mirror image it — Select the design, right click & select “Flip Horizontally”.  This is especially important for text.   To be sure that I didn’t waste my heat transfer paper, I actually duplicated the design and added 3 more cameras to the page.  (This baby boy has 2 big brothers — so matching outfits is always nice!)  Now you are ready to print — simply send to the printer.

Custom Heat Transfer shirts with Silhouette Cameo

I often get questions about my printer — This is all done with an Epson Inket printer.  I have several different models of Epson printers (smaller ones for traveling, and bigger ones for 12″ sheets), but they have a wide array of quality printers in a variety of price points.    I like them because they give you such nice images, and you can replace one color cartridge at a time.  This was printed on the Epson Artisan 50, but a less expensive model is the Epson Artisan 1430 – and you can print up to 12″ on this one!

Once you’ve printed out the Heat Transfer Material, place it on your mat and adjust the Cut settings to “Printable Heat Transfer Material” for light (or dark – -whatever you are doing) colored fabrics and cut!  Peel away the excess Heat Transfer Material from your design.

Place the material down on the Onesie (or whatever you are placing it on) FACE DOWN (with the backing material still on the design), and cover with a press cloth.  Using either a cotton setting on your iron, or 340 degrees on a Heat Press, you want to press down for 30-40 seconds.  Carefully lift a corner – -if the design did not all adhere – then you can reapply heat and pressure!

I have tried a lot of different printable Heat Transfer material, and some definitely works better than others!  But, the one that I like the best is the Papillo Heat Transfer Material for Light fabrics – You will just have to try a few & decide what you like!

So, there you have it — so excited to see this little outfit on grand baby #4!!  So blessed!  If you want to learn more about being successful with Print & Cut, check out Melissa Viscount’s online course “Print & Cut Like a Pro” – -on Terri Johnson Academy!  Melissa shares the ins & outs of Print and Cut there — so that you can always be successful!  We have had a tremendous response to our online classes — so check it out today!

Now – on to more onesies!!  Until next time –



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  1. I’ve had my Silhouette for 2 years and I’ve created very little with it because I’m so intimidated by the machine. Wish there was a in class tutorial or retreat here in Ohio. That’s way to cute. My niece is expecting and would love to surprise her with custom t-shirts. Good job!

    • Good morning, Vicky — I don’t have any classes scheduled for Ohio — HOWEVER — I just launched my online class academy! Here is a link.
      Currently, there is an Our of the Box class & Software overview Class (which is free when you sign up for the newsletter) — that would get you started! And lots more classes to come. I really think you would find that helpful!

  2. Karen Shively says

    Can you share a source for the Papillo heat transfer material?
    Looked around this morning an can’t pin it down. Thanks. Karen

  3. This is darling!


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