Silas Has Arrived!!

Silas has arrived

So, I know I just shared that we were on “Baby Watch” at our house, and a little printable Heat Transfer onesie – so I wanted to let everyone know that Silas Koa Riddick arrived on Wednesday evening, May 11 at 8:05 pm!!  This little peanut weighed 7lb. 2oz — and he is just amazing!!      He is my youngest grandson – (yes, I have 4 grandsons now!!) and we are thrilled.  (I did manage to put a few little baby outfits, blankets and burp cloth on my embroidery machine — because sometimes, you just need embroidery! )


Mimi & Pop-Pop have been keeping Silas’s two bigger brothers while Mom and Dad were in the hospital  Noah is 4 1/2 and Greyson is almost 2 – -so we have been busy grandparents!  (That’s why I’m just getting this posted – -the boys went home last night).  They are pretty excited about the arrival of their baby brother!

I foresee a lot more baby-related projects & blog posts coming soon!!!   While maybe this post isn’t technically Silhouette related – I wanted to share with you our joy!

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  1. Christina in FL says

    Congratulations to all! What a gorgeous boy! Happiest Birthday Silas!!

  2. Nikki Hoffman says

    Congrats on the new grandson, Terri! Keep those great tips coming!

  3. How wonderful, Congratulations. What a thrill it is to have a new little one. Looking forward to seeing all your “new” creations. I learn so much from your blog.

  4. Mary Dodd says

    Congratulations Terri! I know you will enjoy those boys. Have a great trip.

  5. Kathleen T says

    Congrats! Adorable (& so much hair!). We’re “Mimi & PopPop” to 4 also! Three granddaughters & our youngest- a grandson- will be 4 in 2 weeks. They grow too fast!!!

  6. Teresa Whitehead says

    Congrats to you, Pop-pop and the rest of the family. Have fun in Hawaii and cannot wait to hear about all the new things coming our way.

  7. Susan herpy says

    Congratulations. Grand kids are the reward for being a parent. They are so much fun.

  8. Treva Perry says