Silhouette Summit Recap – and New Silhouette Products including Cameo 3

After an amazing time in Hawaii for the Silhouette Summit and new product launch, I think I am back on Eastern Standard Time & recovered from jet lag!  It was a wonderful time, not only seeing all of my “Silhouette friends” and the exciting new products, but enjoying the beauty of Hawaii and some time with my youngest daughter, Kristin – who was able to join me!

As promised, I’ve attempted to share the new release information with you – -as soon as possible!  You may have seen the FB Live video.  There was a lot of commotion in the Product Demo room and the Wi-fi connection was horrible – so now that the “dust has settled” a little, I want to give you a recap of what I learned & saw about the new Silhouette products — its VERY exciting!

Silhouette America is introducing a ton of new consumable products and kits.   I’m very anxious to get my hands on these!  Some of these new products are shown here below – but it certainly isn’t the entire list!  There is a Jewelry Making Starter Kit, Chalkboard Starter Kit, Printable Shrink Plastic Sheets, Vinyl Sampler Packs, Cork Sheets & more!  And then some current products are being improved & updated!


Rose Gold Foil Stickers

Printable Scratch Off Stickers

Metallic Vinyl

Metallic HTV

Clear Transfer Tape with Grid
Whiteboard Adhesive Vinyl

Printable Vinyl

Printable Window Cling


Wood Paper Sheets

Leatherette Sheets

Wash Away Fabric Stabilizer

Sticker Sampler Pack
Whew!  That’s a lot!  And a new version of software – Silhouette Studio 4 – will be released as well!  This new software not only supports the new Cameo 3 (more to come on that in a minute), but it has a lot of new, updated features as well.  This will be a free update (as all updates are), and will work with all Cameo models (even though some features will only apply to the Cameo 3).   Some of the new software features include:

  • Simpler Interface
  • Free Hand Smoothing Slider Tool
  • Easier & Improved Tracing Tools
  • Cut Time Estimate
  • Object on Path
  • and Dozens more!

The new V4 Software will also include Walk thru Tutorials, and step by step Interactive Guides to make using Silhouette Studio more “user friendly”!   Here are a few pics of the new software interface!

Text on Path Screen Shot

Easier to Use


There will be a new Mobile Release – Mobile Studio 2.0; Pix Scan Mobile, Mint Mobile and Model Maker will round out the software & app options!  While all of this was announced at the Summit, there will be more details released in the coming months!

software & apps

But of course, the biggest announcement is the new Cameo 3 – 

Introducing Cameo 3

There have been a tremendous amount of improvements & additions to the  Cameo 3 — including (but not limited to):

  • New, sleek look – Touch screen now located under the cover
  • Touch screen improvements with audible alerts for certain tasks
  • Auto Adjusting Blade – You can use either the auto blade with manual adjustments or the new auto adjusting blade, which gives you maximum versatility.  The Auto blade will adjust based on materials selected in the software
  • Load Options – Either Load Mat or Load Media will be selected automatically by the new software, Studio V4, depending on whether or not you indicate you are using a mat.  So no more errors in hitting the wrong Load Option!!
  • Dual Carriage for blades – with Auto Push release – -the old turn knob (that often broke) is gone
  • 2 mm Cutting Height – -which allows for thicker materials to be cut & use of the Deep Cut Blade
  • Easy sliding Material Holders
  • Easy to Adjust Roller Bars for different size materials
  • New storage areas
  • Supports for 24″ mat


I made a couple little videos in the Demo room – showing off some of these new features – but I will warn you — its not the greatest quality video, and here is a lot of background noise – as you might imagine!  But I still think it shows you some of the new features of the new Cameo 3.  (I’m just going to warn you – its a little wonky – and I turned my phone to get a better view – so its sideways at first!)

So, wow!  What a great new machine & wide assortment of new products!  Cannot wait to get my hands on these!  The new Cameo 3 is scheduled to be released late August or early Summer — so stay tuned, as we will let you know AS SOON as it is available!  We hope to have some classes on the new software & Cameo 3 at the August All Things Silhouette Conference in California — and definitely in November at the Atlanta All Things Silhouette!     So you are going to want to join us at one of these events to see the new products & the new Cameo 3 — and participate in the classes on the Cameo and Studio V4!

Hope that this recap gets you excited about the innovation coming from Silhouette America!!   I will be sharing more info as it becomes available!!  So be sure to subscribe to the blog & follow me on FB and other social media!

Until next time!


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  1. Thank you Terri. I love the new fun products.

  2. Sue Mac Donald says

    phew! that’s alot of *stuff* due to come out; tfs….you must have had itchy hands watching all this new info being shown; can’t wait for you to demo these items

  3. WooHoooo!!!! Can’t wait for the newest one!

  4. Linda Cuthill says

    I don’t have Bluetooth, but have wireless – would this work for me? Thanks.

    • Linda — Actually the terms “Bluetooth” & wireless are used interchangeable. Let me see if I can explain. If you have wi-fi in your house – then you would be able to use this Bluetooth capabilities built into the new Cameo 3. What that means is – your Cameo will be able to connect with your computer through the wi-fi in your home. Does that make sense? And in addition to this method – you can use a USB device to cut on your Cameo. Hope this helps.