Foil On Fabrics with Your Silhouette – Part 1

Foil on Fabrics with Silhouette

Foil prints are everywhere – and we love them!  When I discovered the Heidi Swapp Minc Foil machine for creating foil prints on card stock and paper – I was the first in line to buy one!    But I wanted to put foil on clothing, too!  So I’m going to share with you two ways to do that.

Today – The first method is using the Siser Easyweed Foil – which comes in two colors  – Gold and Silver.  This foil is similar to other Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl – with a few differences.  After pressing, it does have the same, soft feel as Easyweed HTV, with the look of the beautiful foil.  The application process is similar as well, with just a few differences!

My oldest grandson loves trains – and its getting harder to find things to make for him – so I thought this would be prefect for him.  I purchased this “Vintage Train” design in the Silhouette Design Store, and sized it to fit on his shirt.

This foil cuts from the back – so place the “shiny” side down on your mat.  Its easy to tell the difference on this foil, as the front is VERY shiny – and the back is matte.   So be sure to mirror your design (Object –>Flip Horizontally)   I used the same cut settings that I normally use for Heat Transfer Vinyl — be sure to do a Test Cut.  (Check out this tutorial if you don’t know how.)

Siser Easyweed Foil

After cutting, weed your design as you normally would, removing the excess material.  Now its time to press!  This material is pressed at a lower temp than regular Easy Weed.  If you have a heat press, set the temperature for 275 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you are using a home iron – 275 degrees is the equivalent to the settings for Acrylic, Lycra/Spandex, or Nylon.  It is just a little cooler than Silk or Polyester.  Press your garment for just a few seconds to remove any wrinkles and moisture.

Then place your design face down on the garment – cover it with your teflon press sheet – and press for 12-14 seconds.   This is a warm peel – so remove your carrier sheet & voila!  You are done & its beautiful!

Foil Vintage Train

You should have seen Noah’s face when I showed this shirt to him!! He loved it & its just that easy!  To purchase this Siser Easyweed Foil, contact Siser NA at to find your nearest distributer of this beautiful foil!

Tomorrow I will share with you another method for using different colors of Foil!

Until then –






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  1. Thank you Terri. This has definitely been a creative area I’ve been interested in, but had not yet found results that I liked. I look forward to creating with this foil and your tutorial.


  2. Good morning Terri,

    The foil design on that black shirt looks awesome. I have a Cameo that I got for Christmas, and have not even opened the box. I have also ordered different supplies for it. It being summer, I spend my time outside doing wood crafts and gardening, so when the weather changes, I will be at that Cameo day and night. My laptop is full of Silhouette mail. That foil mail will be added to my laptop and will have to buy that foil. It sure looks great on clothing.
    Thank you for sharing, and I will be waiting for your next lesson.

  3. Thank you for the great idea, however after checking out the foil at different sites it was quite expensive plus the shipping. Not to mention most did not have both available, again at good prices

    I did send an email off to ask if there is a distributor near me.

    Thank you for the information & sharing.

    • Nelly – I know that Joe (from SiserNA) is out of town – I’m sure that he will get back to you as soon as possible. Hope you can find someone nearby!


  1. […] In my previous post on Siser Foil, I showed you how I used Siser Easyweed Foil to create a vintage train design.  As of this writing, Siser only has Gold & Silver in this beautiful foil material.  However, we always want more colors!!  So today I am going to share with you a second method for adding additional colors of foil to fabric! […]