Pattern Fill with Designer Edition & Free Card Cut File

Free Card Cut FileMy last post I shared how to fill your shapes and patterns without Designer Edition -but I will tell you — Pattern Fill in Designer Edition makes things so much easier & gives you additional options!

The Fill Pattern options allow you to mirror patterns, rotate, scale, pan the pattern around within the filled image, and adjust the pattern’s level of transparency. These advanced features for manipulating patterns can be found in the Advanced Options in the Fill Pattern panel.

For today’s post, I’ve downloaded these adorable “Summer Digital Paper” from The Hungry Jpeg“.   (These come with a commercial license & allow you to print 12×12 paper — if you have a printer that prints that size!)  Next, I loaded them into my Patterns folder in my Cloud Library, by dragging them over into the folder – like I’ve done here.

Load Patterns to Library

On my mat, I’ve used the Rounded Rectangle tool to draw a card shape, and placed a perforated line across the center for the fold.    You have the option of opening the Fill Pattern window & selecting your pattern from there to fill your shape — But I find those icons tiny & a little hard to see.  So, instead, with my shape selected, I open the split screen of my library, click on the pattern I want in the right hand window – and it fills the shape!

Card Shape with perforation


Filled Card shape

Now — those flip flops are too big to look nice in this size shape – so open the Advanced Option in the Fill Pattern window & you can adjust the size by using the Scale Pattern slider.  You can also rotate the pattern, either by using the red bar to rotate, or type in the degree of rotation you want.

Advanced Tools in Fill Pattern

You can also mirror the pattern & “Pan” around the pattern, until you get just the right part of the design in your shape.  It allows you to select just what part of the pattern you want in your shape.

Pan Pattern IconYou can use all of these tools in the Fill Pattern feature to create some great designs & I’ve done just that for you today!  I’ve created a cute little Flip Flop card — and I’ve used mine as an invitation.  However, you can delete my text & use it for whatever you’d like by adding your own text!     So simply click here to download & Enjoy!  

If you want to learn more lessons on topics like this & more — please be sure to join us at the All Things Silhouette  Conference — both in August in Newport Beach, CA and outside Atlanta in November!  Click here for more information!Until next time —cropped-signature1000-2.png




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  1. Terri,

    Thanks so much for your amazing tutorials. I know you probably hear this all the time, but for those of us who are visual learners, your tutorials make using our machines such a reality. I seriously don’t know how you have the time to do them all given the upcoming Silhouette event in CA. I hope to be able to join you all sometime at one of them. Thanks again for all you do for us out here in cyberspace! God bless.

    • Thanks so much, Mame! I’m so glad you find the tutorials helpful! And I hope that you will be able to join us at an event in the future! Terri

  2. Catherine Blair says

    I love this blog!