How to Double Cut (and why) in Silhouette Studio

Double Cut

On a recent blog post about Printable Vinyl, I mentioned that I “Double Cut” the vinyl – since it was thicker with the laminate over it.  So, that prompted the question from readers – “How do I double cut?”   So, today – I want to show you just how to do that!

First, when would you want to double cut?  Like I mentioned, I was cutting Printable Vinyl, which is already thicker than regular adhesive vinyl, and I had added a laminate – -so the vinyl was much thicker than regular adhesive vinyl.  I was using my typical vinyl settings & I wasn’t getting a cut that went all the way through.  I adjusted the thickness a little, but still wasn’t getting it to go through both layers of the laminate & vinyl.  But, when I double cut — it was just enough on the second pass to do the job.

Also, sometimes when cutting fabric — you may have a few threads that don’t cut on intricate designs, so I double cut then.   The second pass will cut those pesky threads that keep hanging on.  If you are not getting a cut to go through the material completely, it is often better to just double cut than to increase your blade settings or adjust your other settings.  That second pass will be just enough to give you a nice clean cut, without increasing your blade – and then possibly cutting through the backing or even into the mat!!  Yikes!

So — how do you select Double Cut?   Open your Cut Settings Window — (the Icon with the little blade) and select your material type.  In this example, I selected Cotton Fabric Thin.  Use the scroll bar that appears on the right hand side & scroll down to “Editing” where you can adjust your cut settings.   Under the Thickness option, you will see Double Cut.  Select that box.  (Yours won’t be a blue X – I just did that so you can see!)

Double Cut Silhouette Cameo


Now – you may notice that when you select some materials — Double Cut is automatically selected by the Studio software.  An example of this is Rhinestone Template Material.  When you select that material, the software already knows that it is thick & will Double Cut.

Automatic double cut

That’s it!  Its just that easy!  But remember, before you cut anything – especially a new material that you haven’t used before — always Test Cut!  It will save you heartache & possibly material!    If you found this helpful & want to learn more about how to get the perfect cut — Be sure to check out Cindy Eckhoff’s video on the Academy Site — “When Good Cuts Go Bad!” — This 2 hour video course is amazing with all kinds of awesome information – not to mention a downloadable pdf file, that gives you troubleshooting options on your cutting!

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for the info on finding the double cut button. I had forgotten how to find it and was trying some product that was fairly new to me. You saved me so much frustration. I particularity liked the fact that you used screen shots and such for us visual learners. <3