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With a brand new baby in the family, its been fun making all sorts of onesies for him!  And my daughter requested one with the a Breastfeeding Logo on it!  So, after I did a little research, I found this logo –

breastfeeding-logoSince this is a solid, single color design, I knew it would be easy to trace.  However, I wanted to also be sure that it was copyright free – -so that I could share this design with you.  After a little research, I discovered that this design was The International Breastfeeding Logo – and  was created by Matt Daigle, a graphic artist and father. He created the symbol in response to a contest hosted by Mothering magazine.  The winner was chosen in November 2006 out of a total of more than 500 entries.  Daigle, who says his wife and son were the inspiration behind the symbol, signed the symbol over to the public domain.

Upon a little further research (and an email to Christine Schinagl of Cutting for Business), I found that images in the public domain are basically the opposite of copyrighted designs.  If a design (or any work) is in the public domain, there is no ownership associated with it, and it is available to be reproduced or adapted!

Adapting this design in Silhouette Studio was easy!  I just brought the png image into Studio, and clicked on the “Trace” window.  Simply click on Select Trace Area, and draw your cursor around the image.  Uncheck the high pass filter, increase the Threshold to about 75-80 — and click on Trace.



Next, I just added the text “Eat Local”, using the free Milkshake Font from Laura Worthington.  You can download it free by clicking on the link.  Its one of my favorite, to-to fonts!

This design was cut from Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl, so before cutting, I mirror imaged the design to cut from the back!  So, I’m sharing this design with you!


Just CLICK HERE to download the Free Studio Cut File!

Hope you enjoy this design while making items for your little ones! And here’s a picture of our little Silas!


Until Next Time —





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