Addressing Christmas Cards with Silhouette Cameo

Addressing Cards with Silhouette Cameo
I love addressing my Christmas cards with the Cameo — I’ve shared this before – but its worth repeating!

First, I open the Page Tools Window & size my workspace to the same size as my envelope — in this instance, its 5″ high x 7″ wide.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.25.39 AM

Next, select the Text tool, click in the workspace & type in your return address.  You’ll see a green box around the text — click on it so that you have the “select” boxes around the text.  At this point, you can size it — I used 36 pt.   You can also change to the font that you would like to use.  The font I used is LD Charming Bold font that I purchased in the Silhouette Store.   I like this one, because when you use the Silhouette Sketch pens, it looks like a single stoke – instead of an outline.  Remember, we are using the Silhouette Mint Stamp for the Return address.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.29.07 AM

At this point, stick your envelope onto your mat — and I LOVE the low tack adhesive mat from Silhouette!   This is great, so that the envelope doesn’t stick too much to the mat — and has NO sticky residue on the back when its removed!  Feed your mat into the Cameo & click on “Send to Silhouette”.   Now, your Cut Settings Window will open.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.32.47 AM
Select the “Silhouette Sketch Pens” – and the settings will automatically adjust for the pens!  You’ll notice the blade setting changes to Sketch Pen!    I am using the Chomas Adjustable Marker holder so that I can use my Zig Millennium Pen – point 05.  ( If you are using the Silhouette Sketch pens, simply drop them in the housing, lock them down & go.)  I chose red to co-ordinate with my stamp!   This is hard to show how to use the Marker Holder with pictures – -so I’ve made a little video for you!

Its so easy — and after the first envelope began “sketching” – I deleted the first recipient’s address & began typing in the next one!   (You can also copy & paste from your address book – -even faster).   So, when the first envelope was finished — the next one was ready to “send to Silhouette”.  I loved it!!

That’s it!  Your done!  Now, stick on your Christmas stamps – get them in the mail — and get to finishing up your gifts or wrapping!

Day #2 – Crafty Deal of the Day – I love using the Chomas Marker Holder to sketch & draw.  Gives me total flexibility when selecting the pens or markers I want to use!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post — Its a software tip that you won’t want to miss!  Until then —


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  1. Betsy Burke says

    Terri – I love your daily tips. They are always so timely and so easy to understand. Thanks for all you do to help us continue to “grow” with our Silhouette.

  2. Well, this has just opened my eyes! I’ve often lamented the fact my printed can’t accommodate A2 envelopes. This option enables me not only to address envelopes but to sketch images on it to coordinate with the card inside. Thanks so much for sharing again as I missed it the first time.