3 Day Silhouette Curio Retreat with Mags Bonham & Cindy Pope, Sept. 8-10, 2017

3 Day Silhouette Curio Retreat with Mags Bonham and Cindy Pope

Join us for the first ever retreat of its kind!   A three day, hands on event with national instructors, Mags Bonham and Cindy Pope!   This retreat is limited to no more than 40 people, so you will have 3 full days of personalized, hands on instruction and creating.  Start at the beginning with your Curio and leave with completed projects!   Each student will have their own table/workspace and be able to leave your Curio and supplies set up all weekend!  You will be a pro with your Silhouette Curio by the end of the weekend.

Classes include:  

Overview of Silhouette Curio and Silhouette Studio V4:  Curio Machine and Differences:  Learn how to use the Platforms with your Curio, Tool Alignment, Embossing Fills and More.   Also an overview of Silhouette Software Version 4, and how it can be used with your Curio and Cameo

Etching on Acrylic with the Curio  Acrylic is a beautiful medium for etching. In it’s clear form it magnifies colors. Uncolored,  the etchings look much like etched glass. Covered with resin it is even prettier.  Cindy
will lead you in discovering the ins and outs of etching with acrylic. All of the design sessions using version 4 of the Silhouette software and hopefully touch on some really cool design techniques using Version 4.1. With all of Cindy’s  design sessions, you will get detailed version 4 notes and a video version of the designing sessions to refer back to when designing at home. We will etch projects designed by you during class. We will be finishing our designs with many different coloring mediums.

Traditional Leather Tooling methods with the Silhouette:  
Tooling leather with the Curio is Cindy’s new favorite thing to do. Cindy will teach you how to choose the best thickness of leather and lining for your projects. How many platforms to use and which tools provide the effect you are looking for. We will do a design session which will include unique new cut by line color strategy for, Scoring/ Tooling , Etching and Cutting leather.  You will receive many patterns to use in designing your cuffs but feel free to bring your own. After designing and tooling our leather we will be dying the leather, and finishing with lining and a clasp.

Working with Polymer Clay:  Polymer clay is an incredible medium with properties that allow for unlimited creative expression.  This workshop will provide an extensive overview of the many tools, tips, techniques and materials involved in working with polymer clay. Through demonstration and hands-on practice, you will be guided through the basic information and applications needed to enjoy working with this magical medium. You will make simple design canes and learn how to reduce, slice, and use them in a variety of ways. You will learn the secrets on how to use your Curio as a tool to create intricate cuts and etchings in raw polymer clay. And we will cover how to finish your projects in a professional way.  All supplies and tools will be provided.

(Pictures shown here are samples and may NOT represent actual class projects being made at the retreat.) 

September 8-10, 2017

Hilton Garden Inn, Woodbridge, VA




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