Which Studio Software Version Do I Really Need?? (and Bonus video tutorials!)

With all of the Silhouette Studio Software being 50% off for the Black Friday sales — there has been a lot of confusion about what each version contains & what people need!    Silhouette America actually has an awesome chart that compares all of the versions & what they contain.  Its just kinda hidden on their website & hard to find.  So, I thought I would share that with you today.

There are 4 levels of Silhouette Studio Software — the Basic Edition — which is FREE and can be downloaded from the Silhouette America Website.  A lot of people just use this version, but the upgrades bring so many additional features.  As you begin using your Silhouette machine, you may find that you need those additional features!   The next level is Designer Edition, then Designer Edition Plus, and finally, Business Edition.    Now, each higher version contains all of the features of the other versions.   For example, Business Edition contains everything in DE Plus and DE.     But, rather than trying to explain all of this – I am just going to share this chart!

Now – this isn’t the full chart here on the blog — This is just an image of it– Click on the image below and it will take you to the complete chart.  And not only is there a chart – but almost all of the features have TUTORIAL VIDEOS done by Silhouette America!  Simply click on the little Movie Camera icon next to the feature, (on the actual chart) and it takes you to the video!    So even if you know what software you want — and own it — you can take advantage of the video tutorials!!

Here is an example of one of the Video Tutorials on Object on Path!  And there are so many more!    Check them out!  

Now — not only can you purchase the full upgrades — say from Basic to Designer or Business — but you can purchase partial upgrades!  If you already own Designer Edition & decide you want to upgrade to Business Edition — Simply go to this page, use the drop down menu to select which partial upgrade you want & Add to Cart!   (This is a digital download – you will not receive the physical card, but the upgrade key at check out).

The good news is that, once you’ve decided which upgrade you need (with the correct features you are looking for), ALL of the upgrades – both full & partial — are 50% off with  the Silhouette Black Friday Sale!!  This is through December 1st, 2017!    Simply go to this page, and use my code TERRI – to receive 50% off on all of these upgrades!    While you are there — you can check out all of the other amazing deals that are currently going on.  Some of the product is limited (like the gorgeous Teal colored Cameo – its gone!)

So, I hope that you found this helpful!  Even seasoned Silhouette users can learn some new tips!  I love the Video tutorials!    And remember that all designs in the Design Store are 50% off until December 1 – -and there is a new free design every day until then!   Enjoy!

Until next time — Terri

FYI – This post may contain affiliate advertising. This means that if you click a link in the post, I may make a commission based on your purchase. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher, and the commissions I earn allow me to keep sharing tutorials & info with you!


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    Terri, your the best thank you so much.
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