Silhouette Subscription Sale & Why I Love It!

I often receive a lot of questions about the Subscription in the Silhouette Design Store & whether or not it is a good idea!   Since the subscriptions are 20% off through January 2nd, I thought I would share with you why I like the Subscription & have had one since I first bought a Silhouette Cameo!

#1)  I quickly discovered that I liked purchasing designs in Studio.   As I began purchasing designs, I figured out that it didn’t take long to spend $10!  Yes, I sometimes create my own designs – -however, I often turn to the store when I want something fast — or beyond my design capabilities!  So, the Subscription is an economical way to purchase designs in the Silhouette Design Store.

With a $10/monthly subscription, you will receive $25 worth of store credit each month.  If you purchase the subscription on sale – -then that only cost you $8!  (And, as an added bonus, if you pay for the entire year up front, you receive an additional discount).  If you want more monthly credit, you can purchase a larger plan (and the savings increase).    And when the designs are on sale (like now – 50% off through Jan. 2) they end up being really a bargain!

#2)  I always purchase my Subscriptions when they are on sale — again – like now!  If you already have a subscription, and want to take advantage of the sale now, then you can choose for the new subscription to be added on to the end of your current subscription.   You can manage your subscriptions in the Silhouette Store, by logging in –>go to “My Subscriptions”.   Here you can see that my current subscription expires in March, 2018.  So, when I renew, the new subscription will begin in March 2018 and extend to 2019.

#3) Design Store Credit rolls over for 60 Days   This is great, because I sometimes forget & don’t take advantage of my credits!   In the Silhouette Design store, you can view your Credit Balance, and when those credits will expire.   Mine expire on the 21st of each month, so I actually set a little reminder in my phone so that I don’t miss out.   Nothing makes me more disappointed (at least in my Silhouette world) than to realize I just lost $$ in the design store!  I actually set my reminder for the day before – -just to be sure!    Because when it says it expires, it means at midnight!  

#4)  Having Store Credit allows me to purchase things I might not otherwise.  If there is a font, like a Dingbat font (click here to learn more about Dingbat fonts) — that is normally $5.99 — I don’t feel bad using my store credit to buy it, where I might not purchase it if I was paying full price.  And again, when I purchase during a sale – -its even cheaper.    I usually take advantage of both my store credit & the sale to stock up on designs for upcoming holidays or events!  Also, if you have a Silhouette business & are selling items you make — you can use this credit to purchase a Commercial License or an SVG file.

So, that’s pretty much it!  Of course, this is a personal decision on how to spend your $$, but if you decide that the Design Store Subscription is right for you — Hop on over now & sign up!   The sale on both the designs & subscriptions ends on Jan. 2!   Use the promo code NEWYEAR18 for the subscription savings!  Then you can begin taking advantage of the 50% off sale today!!

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday & New Years weekend!

Until next time — Terri

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  1. Love this! I’m so glad you explained the subscription and talked me into it 2 years ago…. It’s now my “Christmas present” each year, now matter when the sale is.

  2. Help, when turning on my machine, the LED screen is blank? What to do?