Sticky Notes & FREE Christmas Cut File

One of the things I love the most about Silhouette – is how quickly you can create something!  So, with only 5 days until Christmas – this is important!  Today I’m sharing with you another FREE Cut File that I created using the LW Nativity Dingbat Font from the Silhouette Store — and a little tutorial about using Sticky Notes.    So often, when I share a design, people will ask what font I used.  And honestly, I often don’t remember!  So, Sticky Notes to the rescue!  In V4 of Silhouette Studio, one of the new features are Sticky Notes.   You access them by the icon on the left hand side of your tool bar.

You can begin typing your text & it will appear in the Default Font — However, if you’d like to change your font, simple select your text & choose the font you’d like to use in the Quick Access Toolbar.   You can also change the size of your Sticky Note by dragging the blue boxes on the side of the Sticky Note.

That’s pretty much it!   They are useful for remembering things about your design & how you created it.  For example, you can see here that I used the LW Nativity Dingbat Font from the Silhouette Design Store, and “The Sweetest Thing” font.   I also changed the stable a bit by using edit points to get it the way I wanted.   All of the components of this design (besides the text) came from the Dingbat Font.  If you’d like to know more about how to do that — check out this blog post here.

You can download the FREE Studio Cut file here.

Hope you found this helpful & enjoy the Design!  Until next time,


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