My Top Ten Keyboard Shortcuts in Silhouette Studio

I love keyboard shortcuts & I use them all the time!  Not just in Silhouette Studio – -but whenever I am on the computer.   So today, I thought I would share with you my top 10 Favorite in Silhouette Studio — and then a link to where you can find them all!

Single Key Shortcuts — Several shortcuts in Studio only require a single key stroke on your keyboard.  These do not need to be capitalized (I just thought it looked better for the blog post!)

M – Turns on & off the registration marks for Print & Cut

V – Select Tool

I – Eyedropper Tool

K – Knife Tool

T – Text Tool

– Rectangle tool

There are more of these & you can refer to the chart for all of them.

Multiple Key Shortcuts – These shortcuts require 2+ keys to activate:

Cmd +Z (Mac) or Ctrl + Z (PC)  – Undo

Cmd + L (Mac) or Ctrl + L (PC) – Send to Silhouette

Cmd + K (Mac) or Ctrl + K – Opens Preferences Window

Cmd + shift + W (Mac) or Ctrl + shift +W (PC) – Weld

Like I said — these are just my top 10 that I use all of the time.   For a complete listing of all Keyboard shortcuts in Silhouette Studio, click on this link for a downloadable PDF file.  You can print & laminate — and keep by your computer!

Hope you find these helpful & they speed up your time working in Studio!

Until next time —


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  1. Hi Terry: I purchased the Silhouette Cameo + the Designer Edition in 2013. I then added the Plus addition. I have loved this little cutter but I am having a few problems with it and wonder if you can advise me. The rollers do not lock in the down position all of the time. Of course this causes a problem when I try to load my media. If I hit the load and unload function then the rollers will lock. It seem like the problem is getting worse. Is there a fix for this, if not I am not sure which Silhouette to replace it with. Can you lead me in the right direction?
    I enjoy reading your posts and I purchased the Plus edition from you (I think) LOL

    • Jamie — I’m assuming you are working on a Cameo 1 (the first version) This machine has 3 teeth on the pinch rollers,(the roller bar that feeds your mat) – and those line up with spaced grooves in the bar. If you are popping the rollers out to adjust, and not slotting them into the grooves properly, it may not being providing her with the locking action you is looking for. Load and unload would provide some rotation and friction, which would slot things in properly. Try popping the pinch roller out, move it to the expected location, and then rotate until you hear the lock. Let me know if this helps!

  2. Oh My Goodness! I wish I had discovered your blog months ago! This is life changing 😉 I can’t wait to read through each of your posts. Thank you!!


  1. […] use the Rectangle tool to create the card box (You can use the Keyboard shortcut “r”, if you like to use shortcuts).  I drew mine about 9″ by 6.5″.  This size will fit in a 5×7″ envelope. […]