Using Glyphs in Designer Edition & FREE Valentines Cut File

I love Valentines Day!  Its just a fun day in the middle of winter that everyone can celebrate!   And I love making things for Valentine’s day!   Even though its still early January, Valentines Day is just around the corner & will be here before you know it!  So for today’s post, I’m going to share with you how you can create files in Designer Edition, using this FREE font – “Beach” – from Font Bundles!  It includes a Premium License, which allows you to use it both for Personal & Commercial purposes!  It also comes with over 200 glyphs!   Now, with Silhouette Studio V4.1, there is a new Glyph feature that makes the glyphs super easy to access – if you have Designer Edition!  (You can still use this font without Designer Edition, it just isn’t as easy to access the glyphs.)

After downloading the font, install it onto your computer & re-open Silhouette Studio.  You will then be able to see the Beach font in your Text Panel.   One of the awesome features in Version 4.1 of Silhouette Studio, is with the Designer Edition upgrade, you can easily view & access all of the glyphs that are included with this font.  No more opening up other programs or windows on your computer just to view the glyphs.    (Personally, I think this feature alone makes the upgrade to Designer Edition worth it!).

To create this file that I’m sharing today, I simply selected the Text Tool from the left hand tool menu, clicked in the workspace & then selected the font “Beach” in the Text Panel.   I typed the words “Heart Breaker” on two lines.

Now, to view all of the available glyphs, select the Glyph tab.   At this point, I enlarge the glyph icons as large as they will go to make it easier to see.

At this point, I can scroll through the glyphs to see what I would like to use to replace the text I’ve already typed.   I deleted the “t” in heart, and replaced it with a “t glyph”.   You will notice that when you hover your mouse over the glyph, it is enlarged even further.  I then repeated this procedure with the “r” in Breaker.


You will notice at the bottom of the panel, there is a section entitled “Recently Used Glyphs” — so you can simply select those again (if desired) rather than scrolling through the list.   Once you have the glyphs in place that you want to use, you need to Weld the overlapping letters together.   Right click on the text & select “Weld” from the drop down menu.   This eliminates the cut lines in the overlapping letters.

Once welded, the words are ungrouped from one another, so you can move them around as you would like.  I positioned mine, so that I could add this “broken heart” to the design.   (The heart was created by tracing a copyright free image, and using the sawtooth knife tool to cut it in half!)

So, hope you find this information on using the Glyph feature helpful!   If you would like to upgrade to Designer Edition and take advantage of this awesome feature, you can do so at the Silhouette America site!  

Now download your FREE Studio Cut file here & get busy making projects for Valentines Day!

Until next time —


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  1. Nikki Hoffman says

    I’m very excited to try this out today! I have the Designer edition and wanted to start on my Valentine’s projects. Thanks for this wonderful instruction and all your great tips! Nikki in (chilly) Florida

  2. I have the Designer Edition and I have upgraded to 4.1 but I do not have the glyphs option in my Text Style box. Is this option for Designer or Designer Plus? Thanks!

  3. Worked like a charm…thank you so much.

  4. Tammy Jones says

    Thank you Terri! I am so glad that glyphs are easy to use now

  5. Sherry Howard says

    Hey Terri, I just upgraded to the 4.1 but the Designer Edition doesn’t seem to be on. I had previously purchased it…do you have to purchase a new one?

  6. Thank you for the tutorial. You always post helpful ones.
    I wished that your screen shots were darker & bigger, as I sometimes have difficulty seeing what you are trying to show us, such as example 1,2 5 & 6 I cannot read any of that.

  7. Debby Wright says

    This is great… thanks!!