Sewing with Silhouette — Quilt Designing in Silhouette Studio

I want to apologize for so much time going by since my last post — BUT I have a good reason.  Our family welcomed Sawyer Jane on March 21st!   Weighing in at 7 lbs., 4 ounces at birth!  I have been extremely busy with Mimi duty!!  She is just such a joy!  And she makes grandchild #5!!   We are so blessed!

So now that introductions have been made — on to Sewing with Silhouette!   This post is going to share with you how you can design your quilts in Silhouette Studio!  And more specifically, I’m going to share with you a half square triangle block & the little quilt pattern that I created!   Whether or not you ever cut your blocks on your Cameo — and I recommend that you do – you can still use Silhouette Studio to design!

Here are the steps used to create my half square triangle quilt block.  First, since we are working with geometric shapes, I have turned on the Grid in my Page Setup Panel.  Just a little tip — Did you know that the keyboard shortcut for the “Grid” is just the letter G?   That’s it – -just hit the G key on your keyboard and the Grid pops up.

Then open your Page Setup Panel–>Click on the Grid Icon

Select the Preferences indicated –>Its important to select “Snap to Grid” while creating yours shapes.

Adjust your Color settings to a lighter color, so that you can see the Cut lines that you are creating.

Now that you have your grid all set up, I’m going to share with you how to create your blocks & design!  Watch the video below!

Its just that easy!  Once you have designed your quilt block & have decided how many blocks you want to make, you are ready to cut your fabric!  Simply stabilizer your fabric by preparing it as described in the last blog post, using Terial Magic

Now, you can cut — selecting “Fabric, thin like cotton” as your cut setting.  I really love how accurate & consistent my blocks are when I cut with my Cameo!   No stretching on the bias or shifting when stitching!   These 3 1/2″ triangles will give you a 3″ square — and 4 are used to create a block.  So the number of triangles you need will be determined by the size of your quilt project.  Once you have your triangles all cut, you are ready to start piecing together!  Simply use a 1/4″ seam allowance to piece your two triangles together.

I usually “chain piece” my squares together — meaning I don’t cut the thread between squares — but just continue on to the next 2 triangles.  Makes it go faster!

Press open the seam allowance on all squares.  When using the Terial Magic, you can really get away with just finger pressing – -but I love using my little Petite Press  to give me nice, sharp seams.   I keep it right by machine with the Quilters Pressing Pad — no jumping up & down to press!

Once my squares are complete, I begin putting them together in units of 2 squares.  Be sure to arrange them in the position that you want the finished block.  Then, I place two of the 2-squares together, forming a larger block!

Press all of your seams open, to reduce the bulk in the seam allowances.

Then, you can put your 4-square blocks together to form your quilt!  That’s it!

If you’ve like to try this pattern, I’m included a 3 1/2″ half square triangle cut file -that you can download here!   Have fun!!  Hope you enjoy creating your quilt designs in Silhouette Studio!

Until next time –


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  1. Kathy McBroom says

    Terri Congratulations you finally got that girl. How precious, know she will be the best dress little girl ever with all your beautiful sewing. I have two of them and they are a joy. Take care Kathy McBroom

  2. Johnson Becky says

    Terri – -Great tutorial – – I am inspired!

    What sewing machine do you have? Do you recommend it? Or is there another machine you recommend? There is a new machine in my future!!

    • Thanks! I have a Babylock Destiny II. However, I highly recommend both Babylock & Brother products. They are very user friendly & work like a champ!

  3. Claudia J Nelson says

    Congratulations Terri on your 5th grandchild. She is absolutely precious!! And thank you for another great tutorial.

  4. Laura Stevenson says

    Oh gees! I am making a Tula Pink quilt with hundreds of squares and triangles etc. Today I am cutting and ironing away not overly happy with some of my triangles- then I light bulb goes I have terial magic and a cameo- Hello Stupid! I have tons more to go, so I will get out you spray and go to town! Can’t wait to try it in a few!! thanks for the tutorial!