50% Off Studio Upgrades Expires July 15!!!

This is an unusual Saturday night post — to remind you that the 50% Discount on ALL Silhouette Studio Upgrades expires on Sunday, July 15!!  Use my code TERRI 

For those of you who have followed me for any length of time, you know that I feel Silhouette Studio is a powerful software that comes FREE with your Cameo!   But, its designing power can be multiplied so many times over with the Purchased Upgrades that are available from Silhouette America (not to be confused with free software updates).  This chart compares the features between versions.  

While there are a lot of reasons for upgrading from the free version to Designer Edition — and even to Business Edition — I’m sharing just 2 of these features in this video below.

As promised in the video, click here for more information on working with Dingbat fonts.

Here are a few more (certainly not all)  reasons to upgrade to Designer Edition.    Click on each feature for a short video.

  1. Open SVG and PDF files 
  2. Cut by Layers
  3. Eyedropper Tool
  4. Trace by Color
  5. Magnet  Trace

And my all time favorite upgrade features is in Designer Edition Plus – -which is the ability to import Machine Embroidery Patterns into Silhouette Studio.  Click here to learn more from a previous blog post!  

To take your Silhouette Software a step further — you need Business Edition!  It is the highest level of Silhouette Studio software & contains ALL of the features listed.    Here are my top five!

  1. Cutting with Multiple Silhouette machines
  2. Automated Weeding Lines
  3. Export designs as SVG, PDF and JPEG files
  4. Automated Nesting
  5. Import Adobe Illustrator & Corel Draw Files

So here’s the bottom line on the Pricing — which expires Sunday, July 15 — when you use my code TERRI

If you are going from the Free Basic Edition that comes with your Cameo — 
To Designer Edition – then its $24.99
To Designer Edition Plus – then its $37.49
To Business Edition – then its $50.00 

If you have already purchased an upgrade are are going
From Designer Edition to Designer Edition Plus – then its $12.50
From Designer Edition to Business Edition – then its $25
From Designer Edition Plus to Business Edition – then its $12.50

So don’t delay – -as these savings expire Sunday, July 15!!


FYI – This post may contain affiliate advertising. This means that if you click a link in the post, I may make a commission based on your purchase. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher, and the commissions I earn allow me to keep sharing tutorials & info with you!






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  1. Peggy Dilbone says

    Hi Terri sure miss seeing you. I just upgraded to Business. Thanks so much for the discount! Peggy