Layering Multiple Colors of Vinyl with Cut By Fill

Layering multiple colors of adhesive vinyl can be challenging, when trying to line it up correctly — But no more!!   Using registration marks & the “Cut by Fill” function in Silhouette Studio, you can layer multiple colors perfectly every time!   The Cut by Fill  function is available in all editions of Silhouette Studio.

I love Summer & July 4th — so I wanted to decorate this drink bin for the holiday!   Using Designs from the Silhouette Design Store – “Patriotic Heart” – Design #60616,  and “America the Beautiful” – Design #270802 – I created my design.   Cutting the single color text was straightforward — but this tutorial is to show you how you can use the features in Silhouette Studio to line it up perfectly!

Open your Patriotic Heart design in Silhouette Studio.  It is grouped together, so you will need to right click on the design & “Ungroup”.  However, once ungrouped – -you don’t want the pieces of the stars & stripes to move around independently, so I group the stars & then the stripes back together.  

To make it easier to see, for the purpose of this post, I’ve used the Fill panel in the Quick Access Tool bar to color in the parts of the design.   (The heart will actually be white, but I’ve colored it gray — so you can see it on the mat).

Carefully, layer your heart pieces on top of one another, until they are all lined up.    You will probably have to right click & “send to back” on the gray heart — so that the other pieces can layer on top.

At this point, with everything selected, you can size the design to whatever size you would like.  (Mine is about 5″ square).  Now, to add the registration marks that will help us line this up perfectly!  Select the rectangle drawing tool & draw a rectangle above your heart, –>  Duplicate it –> Move the 2nd heart to the right.

Select both rectangles & from the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar), Align the together at the top –>then Group together & position over heart.   Also, color them another color NOT used in the design.

At this point, you are ready to cut!  Click on the SEND tab & at the top menu, select Action by “Fill” — You will notice that all of the colors are selected.   You will also notice that when you select this option, the Cut lines take on the color of the Fill.    Choose your blade and “Vinyl, Glossy” settings.   For your first cut, (White vinyl), uncheck the red & blue – -leaving only the white & green selected.  Place the White vinyl on the mat (be sure to allow enough for both the heart & the registration marks.)  Cut.

Repeat this process with the Blue & Red vinyl — each time, be sure to leave the Green Registration Marks checked — and cut the vinyl.

Once all of the layers are cut, you are ready to line them up & layer your vinyl.  Always start with the top layer — which in this case would be the blue.  I am using the new Silhouette branded Oracal 651 vinyl, and the Oracal Transfer tape  – and I love them!  AND — until July 15, 2017, it is 30% off at Silhouette America, if you use my exclusive code – TERRI.   Simply use this code at check out for 30% off of your vinyl & transfer tape!

This video will show you the easiest way to line it all up!

Until next time –


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  1. Paulette Campbell says

    Thank you. This really makes it simple……why didn’t i think of it. I guess that is why we are all so grateful we have you.