What is a Terri Johnson Instructor Licensing?? And is it for Me?


I get a lot of questions about just what we do at my Instructor Licensing Events.  So, since we have one coming up in September, I thought I’d share a little about these events.   First, I want to share with you that these are my independent events.  I do not work for Silhouette America, however, we have a strong partnership & they greatly encourage & support my events.   Here is a recent release from Brian Hubler, COO of Silhouette America.

“As the popularity of Silhouette machines continues to grow, more and more people feel the need for ‘hands-on’ help in learning to get the most from their machines. In recognizing and understanding the need for further hands-on training, Terri Johnson has developed the Terri Johnson Creates Instructor Licensing Program. This program provides Instructor Licensees the tools and curriculum needed to return to their home areas and provide lessons & events throughout the country. Terri Johnson Creates Instructor Licensing Program is an independent program not audited by Silhouette America, which is created & taught by Terri Johnson Creates. Silhouette America supports Terri Johnson Creates through sponsorship and products, and encourages her efforts to promote and provide training solutions through her independent Instructor Licensing Program.”
Brian Hubler
Chief Operating Officer
Silhouette America, Inc.

This is a 3 day retreat style event, where you come together with a limited group of other passionate Silhouette users.  During these 3 days, you will increase your Silhouette skills, through hands on, classroom instruction — and then learn how you can effectively share that knowledge with others!  You will receive tips and tools about how to host Silhouette Clubs and Retreats.   These are things that I have learned through years of hosting events — what worked & what didn’t; best type of venue; how to set up your classroom; how to advertise & promote your events; resources for purchasing supplies & so much more!  This Licensing will show you how you can turn your enthusiasm & love for Silhouette into a profitable event business!   While you will learn some new Silhouette techniques & tips, the  Licensing event is not a beginners program and it is expected that you have a working knowledge of the Silhouette software & the Cameo machine. There will not be time in class to teach beginner basics. The Licensing event is designed to give you the tools necessary to teach, host events or conference for other students about the software & projects you can create using the Cameo.

Each licensing retreat features 12 Silhouette projects, (with bonus projects & resources).   Attendees will receive the a complete kit of materials to complete these projects, along with the instructions – not only on how to complete the project, but how to teach it as well!    These projects are the perfect class samples to use for your events!  And through these projects, your students will be gaining a knowledge & understanding of features in the Silhouette Software, as well as techniques for creating with their Cameo.    As a Terri Johnson Licensee,  you will have the license to reproduce these handouts & class instructions for any in person class that you might teach!  This licensing also gives you permission to create these projects & sell them, if you would like!

Here’s a little peek into what goes on at a Instructor Licensing weekend —

TJC June Licensing 2018 from Terri Johnson on Vimeo.

Here are a few comments from some of the recent attendees —

Terri Johnson Creates Licensed Instructor Training provides you with everything you need to know about how to be a successful instructor, and then some! By the end of the weekend retreat new confidences were gained, new friendships were formed, new skills were learned & we were given everything we could possibly need to “go forth and be successful.” Within a day of my information being posted on TJC’s website, in the “Find a Licensed Silhouette Instructor” section, I had three inquiries that turned into three scheduled individual classes – WOW! If you are thinking about signing up for this training, think no more, go for it! – Kare

Attending Terri’s Licensing event will be a game changer for anyone looking to have a business involving Silhouette products or just looking for an increased skill set for personal use.  Terri’s attention to detail is incredible, from the facility, the food, the lesson plans and continuous freebies that flow to the attendees.  Her enthusiasm for Silhouette is infectious, and if you scan the faces of “graduates” in the wrap photo, you will see nothing but joy!  I can’t recommend this enough, especially as a follow-up to All Things Silhouette which happens near Atlanta twice a year.  Thanks Terri! – Lisa

Thank you Terri  Johnson for sharing your years of wisdom with us and for hosting the awesome Instructors class. Thanks to her amazing team Julie Huggins, Lycia Evanoff, Elly Habets and Whitney Brown Wadsworth for sharing your patience and personal tips and tricks with me along with your genuine caring. – April

Well, we’ve reached the end of our Instructor Licensing weekend with Terri Johnson Creates. What a wonderful experience it has been! I met some wonderful ladies and took in a lot of valuable information. I knew I wouldn’t regret committing to such a wonderful opportunity! I can’t wait to share my love of Silhouette with others! Thank you Terri Johnson and Staff! Thank you SO much Terri and Staff! – Dawn

And here are some comments from one of our previous attendees, who has her business up & running!  

Becoming a Terri Johnson Creates licensed instructor is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being able to turn my hobby into a career has truly been a life-changing experience! Through her licensing course, Terri not only provides a great example of how and what to teach, but she also shares tips and expertise that come from her years as a small business owner. As a result, I’ve learned many new things, made some great new friends, and feel much more confident in my abilities to professionally and effectively teach others how to use their Silhouette machines. Lycia Evanoff –Caught by Design

The next TJC Instructor Licensing will be held September 7-9, 2018, here in Woodbridge, VA.   To learn more about it, or to register, you can visit this page — and registration information is also available there.   We are very close to full, but do have a few spaces remaining.   So, if this sounds like just what you have been looking for — to help you share your love of Silhouette with others –then join us!  Please email me with any questions you might have at terrijohnsoncreates@gmail.com

Until next time!


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