Silhouette Mystery Box & Lots of Stickers!

Fed Ex & UPS trucks make stops at my front door on a regular basis, and I usually know what’s inside!   But this month, Silhouette America is offering a Mystery Box that is an amazing deal!  I was so excited to open it & find all of this inside!  This offer is available from today (September 1) through September 15, for followers of Terri Johnson Creates — exclusively by using this link — and my code TERRI — to receive the deals!    

My Mystery Box contained the following items:  

  • Set of 4 Metallic Sketch Pens
  • Chalkboard Starter Kit
  • Vinyl Starter Kit
  • Sticker Sampler Pack
  • Silver Tattoo Paper
  • Leatherette Pack
  • Printable Kraft Adhesive Pack

While all of the Mystery Boxes vary a little from box to box, they are all an amazing value.   This is the $50 box — so I can just imagine what you receive in the $100 box!

Adhesive Vinyl & Heat Transfer Vinyl

Also, now through September 15th, Silhouette America is offering 50% OFF on all of their Heat Transfer Vinyl & Adhesive Vinyl!!    This discount applies to the newest Oracal 651 Vinyl, as well as all of their other HTV and Adhesive Vinyl, including Metallics, Printable Vinyl, and so much more!    Great time to stock up in preparation for holiday crafting!


So when my box arrived, I had a hard time deciding what to create first!  But, Print & Cut is one of my absolute favorite features in Silhouette — so I was quickly drawn to the Sticker Sampler Pack!

My youngest grandson is 2, and starting Preschool next week — for 2 mornings a week!  Everything has to be labeled with their names, but at 2 years old, he can’t recognize his name like the bigger boys do!   So, I decided to make some stickers for his folder (that brings home his artwork, etc. each day), his “show & tell” that he might take in, his cubby at school,  etc.    And I decided to add his picture to the sticker — so that he could know that it was his!

Using the Rectangle Drawing Tool, I created the sticker shape that I wanted, then I brought in a picture of Silas with his brothers.   Again, using the Ellipse Drawing Tool, I isolated Silas from the rest of the picture.

Then, selecting both the picture & the oval shape, I used the Crop tool (in the Modify panel) to just have his little face.    I also added the registration marks to the page.

Now that I had his face in the oval, I simply sized everything down to fit in the rectangle shape, and added his name — using the “Back to School” font from Silhouette Design Store.  I then replicated the sticker to fill the page — and we are all ready to cut!

There are so many more uses for Stickers!   For example, these Halloween Stickers are perfect for decorating card envelopes or treat bags!



In the Sticker Sampler Pack — there are also 2 sheets of Printable Gold foil.  I love them for the holidays.   This design from Silhouette Design Store is perfect for dressing up your Christmas cards, gift bags or packages!

The use for Silhouette Print & Cut stickers just goes on & on.   The are just a few examples of what you can do & the Sticker Sampler Pack is a great way to try them out!  So hop on over to the Silhouette Store and pick up your Mystery Box!    Don’t forget to also take advantage of the 50% Off Vinyl sale!   Buy one, get one free!  Remember, this sale ends September 15 – -so don’t delay!   Simply use my exclusive link, and the code TERRI – to take advantage of these awesome savings!

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