Silhouette Advent Calendar with the PixScan Mat

I love the idea of using Advent Calendars – especially with my grandchildren.   But, I usually thing about it somewhere between Thanksgiving and December 3rd, and by then – its just too late.   But, this year, I’ve been inspired by the Silhouette Advent Calendar!   Last year, it was only available with the Portrait 2 Bundle, and people were asking for it by itself.  So, this year, Silhouette America has made it available by alone.   Normally, it is  $39.99 – but between now & October 31, 2018, you can purchase it for just $24.99, using my exclusive code TERRI — simply by clicking HERE!

The Advent Calendar comes completely blank & white, with 25 pre-folded boxes.  This gives you the opportunity to decorate them with any material!

Included Designs

Included with the Calendar is a download card for exclusive designs that are specifically designed for this calendar.  No need to measure or create your own to fit the boxes.   To redeem this download card, simply open the Design store, click on your name & this screen will appear.   Then click on Redeem a Promotional Download Card — and a screen appears where you can enter the 16 digit code that is hiding underneath the silver scratch off area.

Once you have entered this code, click on “Apply Card”, and the designs will download to your library.   You will receive notification once this is done.

There are quite a few designs that come with this Advent Calendar.  There are 4 background scenes to choose from – Advent Santa Scene, Advent Snowman Scene, Advent Sleigh Scene, and Advent Nativity Scene.  The background scene is revealed as the boxes are removed from the Advent Calendar.

Also, included in this design download is Advent Calendar Box (in case you want to make your own boxes — which could be good to do over the years, if the included boxes get worn); and Advent Calendar Box Faces — which is what I’m using for my project.

Creating My Calendar

Having owned a sewing store for 13 years, I have quite a stash of beautiful Christmas fabrics, that I never quite know what to do with.  So, I decided to use them for this Calendar.  I love fabrics & I feel like they bring texture to your projects.

In order to cut the fabric, and adhere it to the box faces, I fused the back of the fabric with Heat n Bond Ultra.   Since this is a no-sew project, the Heat n Bond Ultra has a stronger hold.   Leaving the paper on the back of the fabric & Heat n Bond, I laid out my fabric on my Pix-Scan mat, took a picture with my phone & sent it to my computer.  This allows me to place the triangles in exactly the place that I want them on the fabric.   I can “fussy cut” them, using the patterns in the fabric, making sure that the designs are going in the right direction for my triangles.  It also allows me to use the smallest amount of fabric possible!!  For this project, I left the paper backing on the Heat n Bond, so that it would protect the adhesive while I was adhering the HTV numbers.

This is what shows up on your workspace.

Now, you can place your designs wherever you want on the fabric & cut!   (I colored these triangles in to make it easier to see where they were being place on the fabric.)    I used the Cut Setting “Fabric, thin like cotton”.


I repeated this process with all of the fabrics I wanted to use.



After all my fabrics were cut, I laid them out in an array that I thought was pleasing to they eye.  


Now its time to cut & apply the numbers.  I used Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl for my numbers, using the included numbers with the design download.   After cutting & weeding the numbers, working on my Teflon sheet, I applied them with my small Petite Press.   I set the heat at #3, and pressed for about 6-8 seconds.   While this isn’t as long as you would usually press HTV, the project will not be washed or subject to the wear that a garment would be.  So, a little less time works better.

You will notice that the numbers are not in sequential order from left to right.   That is because I didn’t want the rows to collapse, when a box was removed.   So, they numbers are arranged with basically two rows — so that the boxes that are removed first are on the top, and the rest are on the bottom row of each level.   After adhering the HTV to the fabric, and being sure that everything is arranged the way I wanted — I again used my Petite Press to adhere the fabric to each box.   (I worked with a teflon sheet over the fabric, to avoid melting the HTV.)

Background Scene

The downloaded designs give you a choice of 4 background scenes.  I chose the Nativity Scene, and cut it from black card stock.   All 5 pieces of the Scene come in one design, so you have to ungroup them to cut.  If you rotate the top half of the design, each part of the scene can fit on a 12″ Cameo mat.

After cutting all 5 parts of the Background Scene, I folded each one on the perforated lines.  They are numbered in sequence (with 5 being the back-most design), so you can easily keep the two halves together.  The Advent Calendar is designed with little slots in the frame, so that you insert the pieces of the background scene into the back of the box.



Its difficult to see in the picture, especially since I used black Card stock – but the 3 D background scene is so pretty.  As the boxes are removed, the scene is revealed!

Now your beautiful Advent Calendar is ready to fill the little boxes with treat, or messages!  In addition to little candies, I thought about putting little slips of paper with Scripture verses about the Nativity story for my grandchildren to read — leading up to the birth of Christ on Christmas Day!  Maybe the candy would keep them quiet long enough to hear the verses!

Remember, you can purchase the Advent Calendar for only $24.99 now through October 31st, through THIS LINK, and my code, TERRI.   Plenty of time to create with your own ideas & fill in time for Christmas!

Also, this month Silhouette America will donate the proceeds of special items & bundles to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, with my link & code TERRI.    Take advantage of the savings, while contribution to a wonderful cause that helps women!  


Until Next Time –


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  1. Paulette Campbell says

    Where can I find the small petite press? Love this idea. Is there rings or ribbon or anything to help pull each box out with out destroying the whole calendar?

    • Paulette – the little Petite Press is available from Amazon –
      I’m sorry I didn’t link in the post! There is an option to cut your fabric (or whatever else you use) with little side tabs that make it easier to pull the boxes out from the Calendar. I just felt like after you pulled out the first one, the rest came out pretty easy!

  2. Yes, please!