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Beginner Curio Etching Metal

Happy Friday everyone!   I have just finished up an amazing weekend with 40 newly Licensed Instructors!  Some of them have already booked classes with students, and many more are getting ready!!  I will be adding them to the “Find a Licensed Instructor” page of my site in the next few days. Now, I am finalizing all of the details for next weekend’s Silhouette Getaway Weekend in Peachtree City with Mandy Graham!  So, as you can imagine, I’m slammed!  To help {Read More}

UPGRADE vs. UPDATE – and my Favorite Upgrade Features!

I often get the question from attendees at ATS and retreats on whether or not they need to upgrade their Studio Software — and my answer is always YES!   And there is also the question about what is an Update –  I know that it is a little confusing — the different between “updates” — which are FREE — and “upgrades” – -which are not!  So, I wanted to share that with you today & highlight a few of {Read More}

Organizing & Viewing Your Fonts in Silhouette Studio

With the recent 50% off fonts sale in the Silhouette Design Store, you can believe that I stocked up on fonts!!   I love having all the different options, and the different looks that you can achieve just by using fonts.   But sometimes, it’s hard to sort through them all & decide which one to use.   The Text Style Panel in Studio lists the fonts alphabetically.   It is also difficult to tell what the font will look {Read More}